Look in the mirror…

 Quote by Criss Jami

From my experience this quote seems to be hanging out in the body building community, so what’s a four foot blonde with a love for high heels doing with it?

A lot I hope.

For me personally, I am dipping my toes into one of the fastest growing industries – blogging. I have no knowledge of URL’s and I thought a widget was something you found in Tequila (google informs me its the little worm is called a Gusano!)

I am overwhelmed by blogs that tell me ‘how to blog – the right way’ and today I made a huge decision, inspired Frank Sinatra, “I did it my way”…

Not because I think I know best…we all know I don’t, me more than anyone else, but I wouldnt want this little vertial space to represent anything else but me.

My main reason for beginning this process was to make the world a little better – the internet a bit more positive, its the same with my teaching, I wanted to become a teacher who makes a difference. Some days I feel ive won, other days im just counting down until half term.

I think that life can often be a battle (if you let it), from how to control my mane everyday (today the fishtail plait helped me conquer my frizz) to getting my toddler to put his shoes on…and this is all before you step out in the World and face people that aren’t always pleasant.

So what’s a girl to do? My answer is forget the way ‘they’ think you should be and be the best you that you can be. Competing with yourself and coming out on top, gives results that are always going to make you happy and ultimately a better person. I really do believe that you can have all that you want, it’s just about playing the right game, staying focused and aiming for that goal.

Sure, some days you’ll lose, but the best thing about competing with yourself and is that when you get knocked down….you can try again tomorrow.

Spend some time this week looking in the mirror – what can you improve on? How can you be better? How can you surpass your previous self? I did this a few days ago and am trying to squish in a little more exercise where I can. I’m not going to be the best and I don’t need to be, I just need to be better than I am today. I write this with a clean conscience, knowing I’ve done yoga today. My next move is to get my heels flat on the floor in ‘down dog’ and not look like a drunk jelly bean when doing a head stand…

What are you going to do?

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