Don’t look back…

 A quote from Marcia Wallace

I should probably add that this is a book title; I’ve never read it but would love a review below if you have.

As a teacher I often reflect. Was the lesson objective met? How could I adapt that task? Reflection also pops it’s head up in assessment and school reports and I obviously always use the past to form my opinion.

As a woman I look back on past relationships (and wonder what was I thinking?), compare them with close friends and share our tales of arguments and let downs.

As a mother I look at J, secretly compare him to every small goblin we have ever met and rationalise in my brain his strengths, weaknesses and everything inbetween. Completing this task with activities to fill the gaps and enhance his talents.

However, in my brain, the past is irrelevant – I’m moving forward. ‘I’m not going that way’ again, so why credit it with time? After all, we have all learnt that time is such a precious commodity.

I’d be pure Pinocchio if I suggested I don’t think about, analyse and cogitate about the past…I believe we are all on a journey (some more exciting than others) and sometimes we get lost or stay too long in the wrong company, make the wrong choices or simply forget the map. From this, I believe my journey is about being ‘better’ not perfect or maybe ever reaching the goal I’m aiming for – but if I’m aiming,  doing it better. Being a better teacher, a better role model, a better partner, friend and mummy.

I’m not sure I therefore can uphold Marcia’s quote or do it justice. However, I do think it’s a fab quote that is best served when we get caught up in the loop holes of the past or fester for too long in a negative environment. For this, it’s one of my favourites for motivating us to look at the future.

Living for the moment isn’t something I find naturally easy, I’m a teacher – a bell goes off every hour to indicate my next task, class change over or when its break and I can pee. My holidays are routined and training is diarised a year in advance. However, aren’t those spontaneous nights of fun with friends or that unplanned get together with family always the best?

So, despite the glaring calendar all set up and ready for the new academic year – I declare this summer unplanned, moving forward and seizing new opportunities. Who knows I might even draft up a 5 year plan (in pink pen and with colour coded stickers) for my career and home life?

As someone that has little knowledge on 5 years plans, share below your tips for moving things along, I’d really appreciate it.

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