You are confined only by…

 Quote by Andrew Murphy.
Ohhh that’s a good quote, until you think about it and realise any misery that you are feeling is your doing…then it’s a stupid quote.

So you can’t pop the kids on eBay, ask for a refund on the husband or even chose not to pay the mortgage for a while…(bank managers tend to not like it when you do that).

You look around and everyone has ‘nicer stuff’ than you,are going on more exotic holidays, driving faster cars…so you bumble along in your average priced car, hoping to ‘get away’ at some point this year and then, that’s when the final straw hits you – the cat pukes in your shoes just as you are about to slide your tootsies in …


This is definetly time for a tea break. I’ll pop the kettle on while you bin thoses shoes (seriously you will never wear them again), while we sip our tea how can we get some perspective. Easy, the kids are at times possessed, grubby and completely irrational – but they’re yours. A fresh mummy look tells you that irrational becomes ‘outspoken and independant’, as for the flashy car – it can wait, you’d rather your muddy monsters wiped their snotty noses on the upholstery of your current vehicle anyway (we all hope that one day they will swap a sleeve of their t-shirt for a tissue). You can swap your negatives for positives, and ultimately live a better life.

I recently (I’m so behind) watched the film ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ and obviously its a brilliant movie, but what I really liked was that freedom in your mind is untouchable . Whether you are incarcerated by the state like the characters in the film or just overwhelmed by life and a crap car – you always have 2 blessings.

1. You have the power to change it / alter it

2. Freedom of the mind can be untouchable and wall-less

This week maybe it’s time to knock a few walls down? You’d be surprised how well a positive and focused mind can substitute a sledge hammer. Best of luck!

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