Don’t forget to take the chicken out of the freezer

Quote…all meat eaters at some point.

I love quotes because they remind me that I am continuously growing and learning. They often inspire me to be better or perhaps enlighten my mind with a new thought process. Sometimes…they just make me laugh.

This falls into that category, whether you are a regular read (in which case thank you) or perhaps curiosity got the better of you and you wanted to see where this was going, then its all about laughter. If you came for a chicken recipe then you’ll probably be disappointed, but I hope leave with a smile.

In a world full of inspirational quotes we can often become numb to there intentions, in a world full of so much news we can often trust what we hear, in a world full of so many choices we often think we always pick the right choice. But often as we shift through the 35,000 subconscious decisions we make daily…we leave the chicken in the freezer. We’ve all been there, hoping that perhaps an alternative frozen delight can save us or that half a courgette and some wilted kale will sustain our taste buds like the chicken meal we had planned…


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