To heal the wound you need to stop touching it

Quote by Jordan Mecale

No matter in life how happy we are, how focused on our goals we are, driven or on track for success, we all have moments where we fall, stumble, trip or in my case ‘stack it’. If my life takes a sudden dive then in seems the universe does a quick back turn and my world crashes…leaving me wounded and often gasping for breath.

When I was a little girl and I fell (playground style – we’re talking 80s with grit and dirty in the wound) my Mum would tell me off for picking at the scab. “It’ll scar Lucy” or “do you want it to become infectious?” She would repeat and I would pick it anyway, too tempted was the dead skin and oozy stuff.

Life is much the same. My lovely Mum guides me and tells me to leave past situations alone…and I repeat patterns of behaviour, let losers use me (seriously who’s the loser?) and pick, pick pick…until relationships become infectious and the wounds they left behind become Grand Canyons in my life.

So what’s a girl to do? I guess on the wound front a little first aid is needed – an antiseptic wipe, a splash of water and the classic solution to all childhood injuries – a whacking great big plaster (I obviously find a Disney character design helps the healing process significantly) and upon reflection the metaphor can directly be flipped to adult relationships and problems. You might need to say sorry (add a antiseptic wipe) or take some action, seek some therapy, help or action but once you’ve done that , leave it the hell alone. Often in many of the Law of attraction podcasts and clips that I listen to the advice is not to wallow in your lack of health, money or finding your soul mate but to embrace what you do have, sure you might not have found ‘the one’ but may be you have a tribe of fabulous friends. Money could be tight but what do you have? Lack really does attract lack, positive attracts positive and if you’ve watched Love Island or any ‘reality’ TV then you’ll know that special always attracts special 😉

I’ve continuously simplified this quote, mainly because I think it can be as easy as we want it to be and humans love to over complicate life. Please don’t think I’m not encouraging action to issues as they arise, the antiseptic wipe of life is crucial but sometimes you’ve gotta shove a plaster on it and move on.

13 thoughts on “To heal the wound you need to stop touching it

  1. I so agree with this. I’m the sort of person who has a tendency to look back at past events and regret my behaviour even though there has been no negative results from that behaviour. More lately, I’ve been making a concerted effort to let this sort of thinking go. If you’ve really made a mistake and hurt someone, then of course make amends. But you can’t go worrying you’ve said or did something wrong when you have no evidence of this. And even when you have done something wrong, you need to eventually move on and stop punishing yourself. As always, wise words and excellent metaphors on your blog. 🙂 x #thesatsesh


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