We must learn who is gold and who is simply gold plated.

Quote from the sparkly Anon.

I once owned a ring, it was sparkly and made me feel beautiful and I wore it day and night…and it turned my finger green.

I have friends that have done this to my soul.

When I was a child I begged my Mum to buy me a doll (Oopsy Daisy) and she was a crawling doll, she gave in one Christmas (even though she thought it wasn’t a great idea) and bought her for me. My Mum was right, she sucked – the advert lied.

Social media is often gold plated, often tainted and although at times looks sparkly and joyous, its gold plated and if you believe it, it will make you jealous and turn you green too.

However, for every gold plated ring, there are other options – silver, platinum and of course gold…rose gold, yellow gold, white gold and yup you guessed it – green gold is a real thing. The variety means we get to sample what works for us. What fits best. As I grow older I have become better at being me, comfortable in my skin, not interested in what others think (mostly). At the same time I have tuned in to people that serve me, make me a better person and enhance my skill set. I can meet someone and in seconds tell you if they are my kind of person, my kind of gold. The magpie in me can spot a plated quality from a long way off, but every now and then a gold plated person sneaks in and taints my sparkle. Sometimes its not human, sometimes it comes in the form of political agendas, policies and paperwork, sometimes it looks alien and it scares me.

…but I’ve also learnt this. If I go back to me. To my centre, my core, if I listen to my kind of gold (like my Mum and the doll advice), if I step back – it doesn’t matter what the gold plated agenda is/has, I can sparkle in my own integrity.

My advice is simple, you will drive yourself mad looking out for the ‘plated’ aspects of life. Let them turn green, let them follow their path, their journey and enjoy your own with full accreditation (all good jewels comes with a certificate), be you and whatever semi precious stone, metal or gem you are, this is when and how you will truly sparkle.


27 thoughts on “We must learn who is gold and who is simply gold plated.

  1. Very true, there is a lot of ‘plating’ going on in all walks of life. Easy to get distracted and drawn in by it, but soon the green will come out!! x


  2. I sometimes wonder if I am too picky with my precious metals, but then I have been fooled by many a gold plated person in the past and it has left me extra cautious. Lovely analogy as always. #thesatsesh


  3. Very nicely written, and true. I think I’m pretty good at spotting those who are ‘gold plated’, but for some reason I don’t act on my instincts. I keep thinking that I shouldn’t judge based on my ‘intuition’ or whatever you like to call it… but then it usually turns out that I was right about the gold plate, and what’s worse is that their base metal, the core under that shiny plating, often turns out to be a rusty rotten mess 😏xx #thesatsesh


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