You gotta nourish to flourish 

Every now and then I see a quote and it lights my universe. 

At the moment I am planning kitchen renovations and I wouldn’t mind this little quote hanging somewhere? Food for thought (See what I did there)

Nourish according to the dictionary means ‘to provide food or the opportunities for people to grow and be in good condition’ 

If I’m honest when I see the word nourish I think of food, but what else do we need?

Self belief: if you can dream it, then you can make it happen. This is essential not just to be able to flourish but to be able to sustain any kind of growth (and that includes happiness) 

Drive and desire: these are easy to have and harder to actually make happen. Usually because they require us to get out of our comfort zone and perhaps even take a risk or two. I’ve found since becoming a parent that often the risk is scarier because of my son. However, surely the dream is always ultimately the better finish line for him to see me arrive at?

Tribe: a good family, neighbours, work colleagues and friends all help to make a little ‘you’ community. When the chips are down, don’t panic – team ‘you’ will be there like a giant pillow of love and comfort – looking around and it’s a bit sparse, no problem, sometimes the harder moments let us know which team members require demotion. 

Wellbeing: be it physical or mental you need to make your health number one. Balance is key to this; I’ve written thousands of posts on the issue so for more info read everything I’ve ever written, pretty much – give or take a gratitude post, oh…

Gratitude: a sprinkle of thanks and a piece of humble pie can not only make you a favourite amongst your tribe but you’ll find you manifest and receive even more than you thought possible…seriously Beyoncé and all the big divas are always thanking the people that surround them. 

P.s. Not such a big diva as Queen B but thanks for reading and I hope you leave a little more nourished. If not, what area do you need to step it up in? 


41 thoughts on “You gotta nourish to flourish 

    1. hell yeah! Even if you’re locking yourself in the loo for five 🙂 I try and plan treats to escape the routine which i find helps me to get through the tough times and also come back stronger.


  1. You’ve got this so spot on. I always think food when I hear the word “nourish” but you’re right. There is so much more that we need to do to ensure that we ourselves thrive. Beautiful post as always. Thanks for sharing with us at #DreamTeam x


  2. These are some great words. It takes a few things to make us strong and you have it all down here.


  3. The self-belief bit is really speaking to me right now as I’m hoping to move jobs after being in the same one for 10 years. It’s scary to make a change and you wonder if you can survive in another environment. But getting myself out there and trying has actually felt really good! #thesatsesh


    1. Oh how insightful, I absolutely agree lovely. It’s so hard to prioritise their routine and stability with out of comfort zone living. Thanks for linking, can’t wait to read them all

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  4. It’s funny because I always think nourish the soul more than seeing the word for nourish the body. All great needs you’ve listed. Having your tribe and team you is so important. love to you my friend! Thanks for hosting this great new linky party. #thesatsesh


    1. Babes, you are defiantly a member of my tribe. When the little man is a little older we plan to visit your islands and a visit / hug to you is firmly on the ‘will do’ list x


  5. I enjoyed reading your article – I agree that gratitude is so important. It’s the little things in life that we often overlook.


  6. Great post. I need a bit more self belief too. It’s easy to focus on looking after everyone else and forget about your own dreams too. #thesatsesh


  7. Fab post! At the risk of repeating what a few others have said – maybe some self belief – and the organisation / drive to see thing through would be useful here!


  8. Totally agree with what you are saying here, we need all sorts of nourishment to flourish #thesatsesh


  9. Ah I absolutely love this. It is something I have become more aware of as I have aged. To look after ourselves and others around us – including a bit of appreciation of them – otherwise how can we be expected to flourish. Words I certainly try to live by these days #thatsaturdaysesh


    1. I just went shopping and only bought designer beautiful things – the best, I came home with less items but they make me feel nourished and flourished. Plus we don’t need much to be happy do we


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