It’s up to you…

Quote by Anon.

The worst part of growing up for me is responsibility. It’s inevitable and it means you have to ‘own’ your actions. This seems easy enough but usually feels like hard work.

I remember walking out of hospital with my new born bundle and wondering why nobody was questioning me, where was the security, the paperwork? Seriously it’s harder work to go through airport security and I had more paperwork when I recently bought a new kettle. I got home and looked at his sleepy face and realised this was forever… ouch, that’s some serious responsibility. (I probably should of been more aware of this during the pregnancy but I’ve never been the sharpest tool in the box)

On Friday one of my chicks lost her shizzle…her words were something along the lines of ‘Being happy is hard work’ and I’d have to agree. I’m a half full glass kind of lady and I need to make something clear to all glasses, cups and China implements. On behalf of all cheerleaders, positive people, glass half full, over full and anything on the side of joy…we have days that suck too. However, I guess I’m a little quicker to pick myself up and much more resilient in looking at the world around me and finding some joy to grip to when the darker days hang over me. As a result I may be guilty of making positive vibes look easy…it’s not. It’s a decision I make multiple times a day. To see the silver linings and not look at them as grey. It’s all about perception and an internal battle to stay happy.

How? Instagram helps me to post physical photos and capture them in what I hope becomes an album of positive vibes. I sometimes then look through the photos on darker days and it instantly lifts my universe. Especially the selfies 🙂

This was my latest photo and you can follow me @fridgesays for lots more like it. This was even a #nofilterneeded , get me and my iPhone camera!

I do a similar thing on Pinterest, it’s like going shopping and collaborating lots of gorgeous items without the price tag, although one day it would be nice if a few of those lovely images jumped into my wardrobe.

I keep a gratitude journal that helps me to keep centred and I love reading it back to myself. I also keep a ‘get done’ book, where I list mainly household chores that need a magical wand over them and then I tick them off with love and sparkle.

But honestly, mostly I stay mindful and make a CHOICE to stay positive. To smile, to compliment others and to stay as sunny as I can be. Why do I bother? I guess mainly it’s my preferred natural state to be in but also I want to be upbeat for others to see, experience and be part of.

We live to experience. If I’m flat out on a tropical beach or popping items in my trolley at the supermarket, I’m always going to make a choice to experience the best it can offer – no matter the task at hand. I don’t win everyday, and certainly not every moment but the internal battle to keep my glass half full and even sneak a few extra drops is at the top of my ‘get done’ list everyday.

How do you stay positive during the day?

27 thoughts on “It’s up to you…

  1. It can definitely be tough on hard days and I’ve been known to wallow in pity at times but mostly I try to be happy for the boys now. It’s not difficult thankfully as they fulfill my life, but looking at Instagram for to build your mood is a great idea. I’m always posting but never think to use it in that way. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

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  2. I love your posts 😊…staying positive can take time to master, but I think it comes with age to be honest! I’m definitely more chilled out as I’ve got older, because I know that bad times don’t last forever. Mindfulness has certainly helped me too, along with exercise. You can’t beat a good dose of endorphins to boost your happiness! #MarvMondays

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  3. Oh hello fellow glass half-full girl! I try to be the same. I always look for the positive and it makes so much difference to your day. Of course there are days when that sparkle isn’t quite so sparkly and like you I have lists – that sense of purpose as you tick off what you have done does help reignite the sparkle for sure. Self-worth is a big factor in keeping that glass half full. Another fantastic post lovely #MarvMondays

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  4. This is something I really needed to read today. I think I am generally a happy-go-lucky person but I’ve been having some bad times lately. I am surprised by how often I need to make a choice not to be sad. To be honest, I don’t have time to be sad. I have too much to do for the kids! There will be a time and place for it, but I need to choose my moment, and in the meantime just get through the day-to-day stuff that I have to do. Thank you for linking this great post to #EatSleepBlogRT. I hope you come back again next week.

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  5. I really like to capture those everyday moments that are joyful with a photo or just in my memories too. Tonight the eldest took control of books at bedtime and I just sat and watched them altogether rather than running around like a mad thing picking up dirty washing etc. I LOVE my gratitude log and that it is a 5 year diary so I can look at it too. This is a really good read as a reminder that we CHOOSE how we view life. I bet you do ACE assemblies xx #eatsleepblogRT

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  6. I think I’m more glass half full than I used to be. I think since being a Mum I’ve changed. Obviously! I always try to remember that there’s always someone worse off somewhere when I’m having a bad day, week or month! #candidcuddles

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  7. I really enjoyed this. I think you can find light in shade, no matter what the situation and I also choose to daily. I write a similar post on looking on the sunny side of life. I think it is in our make up too though. Thank you for sharing.

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  8. I am with you here, definitely a positive person. I think I get it from my mum, whenever things go wrong, she jokes about it and has the biggest laugh, you can’t help but be happy. So that’s our motto, just laugh, it’ll be fine 😉

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  9. I think staying positive is a choice you have to make over & over all day long. And that can sometimes not happen when things get overwhelming. I love your Instagram photo – I’ll pop over to make sure I follow you but I think I do already 🙂 Thanks for sharing with us at #candidcuddles

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  10. We have a lot in common! I am a glass half-full person too, and acknowledging that sometimes it still sucks, is both powerful and important. After all, we are human and nobody said life was fair… Great post! #BlogCrush

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