Be a fountain, not a drain

Quote by Rex Hudler.Its 4pm on a Sunday afternoon and this quote reflects my current reality. On the precipice of a new week I became absorbed and overwhelmed with the lunches that needed packing, the shift patterns that required certain meals at certain times, meetings, child care and everything else in between…I felt blue and was just about to write my famous ‘endless to do’ list when a little fairy tapped me on the shoulder. She whispered in my ear – put the kettle on.

Not one to mess with fictional beings, I flicked the kettle and grabbed the nearest mug. “No” said the Fairy, and I knew in an instant she preferred to drink tea from a fine bone china cup. The tea was just the break I needed from being absorbed in to the drain of destruction.

For those of you that have never thought what being ‘drained’ meant, check out my quick google below

1.cause the water or other liquid in (something) to run out, leaving it empty or dry
2. deprive of strength or vitality.
1. a channel or pipe carrying off surplus liquid, especially rainwater or liquid waste
2. a thing that uses up a particular resource.

Now, I can’t write for everyone but I’m pretty sure whether verb or noun I don’t want to ever feel like a deprived, surplus, dry person who lacks vitality – especially not during my precious weekend time.
Thats when I realised the Fairy was right. Sure, there were things to consider, tasks to complete but they didn’t need to consume me, leave me feeling empty or overwhelmed. It was at this point I made the decision to be a fountain. To let the day flow with direction and with my current on course, but one that would give me pleasure and not overwhelm me.
We all have choices in every moment of this life time and I believe I am the happiest person that I know; with exception of babies that advertise Milk  – they are seriously happy and I could never compete with those gurgles of pure delight.
But I am happy because I choose to be, I look for the glass half full, I constantly analyse my mood, mind and direction. In recent months I have avoided certain people who drain me, I don’t watch the News because its blooming depressing and although current affairs interest me, I don’t wish it to be delivered directly in to my home in a manner that is distorted and the horror magnified. These choices may seem minor but they effect my mood and that in turn alters my vibrations.
I don’t always get it right, you’d be surprised how easy it is to become absorbed and attract negativity in to your life, to deviate from where you want to be, but a cup of tea is usually enough for me to turn my fountain back on and stop looking at what others have, what I lack or desire.
Therefore this week, and every week after it I challenge you to be aware of your mind, to choose to be happy and to avoid negative environments. If like me you are easily distracted and many people demand from you, I also recommend you approach this challenge with extra tea bags and the best cup you own (or use it as an excuse to buy a new one). Unfortunately, the Fairy is mine and I can’t loan her out. But listen hard enough and you’ll find we all have an inner voice that wants the best for you, every day.

24 thoughts on “Be a fountain, not a drain

  1. What a lovely positive post to read first thing on a Monday Morning! Thank you for this. I accept your challenge and will do everything in my power to just stop have a cuppa and re think at times! X #MarvMondays

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  2. I absolutely love this. You are so right and it is up to us to turn our days and thoughts around. Well said 🙂 Alison x #MarvMondays

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  3. Love this post and your mind set. I try and do the same. At times it can be hard to always look for the positive. But ultimately unless you can fix a problem, there is no point in letting it drag you down. Good luck in bedding in this new habit. Also, you’re quite right about a cup of tea making things a lot better! #MarvMondays

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  4. You know what, after a trying week or so and many tears last night, I really needed to read this today. I must listen out for my own inner fairy more often and stick the kettle on from time to time. Love how you write, so friendly and warm. Thanks for the smiles today #marvmondays

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  5. Such mindful words – monitoring your thoughts and choosing which direction to go – love it. I too am trying to avoid ‘drains’ – I find it hard though sometimes when morale is so low at work, people don’t mean to be drains but we are all draining each other with our moans and woes if we’re not careful. My hubby talks of radiators and drains – you are both wise x #eatsleepblogRT

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