Be kind; everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle

Quote and wisdom from Plato. 

I collect something invisible – it’s sad but true. They are free and it stems from a game I use to play with myself when I was a little lady (yup I’m an only child with an imagination as big as the wardrobe door in Narnia) and it’s called Karma points. I collect them all of the time and a bonus is there is no storage involved: In my car I let people out of junctions, I buzz off of a busy one way street, I let people out of shops and all the while I’m collecting karma points for later in the day when my toddler is having a tantrum and the possibilities of me needing to claim in some tokens is high…it’s silly but in this whirling swirling crazy world – it helps me to be nice. In my humble opinion the twenty first century is losing this quality and kindness is essential. 

As parents we encourage it ‘use kind hands’ ‘make sure you share…Ahhh that’s kind’ and then as the biggest hypocrites going we often forget ourselves. 

Life beyond the fridge is pretty good for me most of the time and it’s worth remembering that most people do have it much tougher, be that health wise, financially or just because their partner acts like a part of the male anatomy usually found below the waiste line. 

So as you go about your daily duties, picking children up from various childcare facilities, groups and team activities, make time to let the single mum in the Ford estate out of the car park or the Dad on the edge of sanity in Tesco with twins on a Saturday morning pass with his trolley…because it might be you that needs those karma / kind tokens cashed in one day.

Thanks for reading and please continue to share the fridges positive vibes with friends and loved ones. Have an awesome week 🙂 


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