Things I’m loving #3

This is soooo Autumnal it couldn’t be more UK chilly, the things I’m loving right now include snuggly PJ’s and evenings in. This is of course all climate and seasonal based. I’m also in a state of denial over Christmas, I’m not ready to think about Turkey, trimmings, tinsel and trees – I’m sure this will change, but for some reason I’m clinging to Autumn like a doughnut and my waistline.

I digress – I’m loving these at the moment.


Ive always loved candles and I am a stereotypical woman in my placement of pillows, shells (ohh I love shells!) but most of all a cotton / white linen candle completes me. I light them every night and in doing so I find my happy place 🙂 the smell of fresh washing is just an amazing comforter to me.Every Sunday I escape from the world and walk Moët. Me time and pooch time is a highlight of my week – but add crunchy leaves at the side of the road and it’s the cherry on the cake!

  This week we had an epic Firework display in my village and this picture (taken by a lovely friend/ neighbour) captures my favourite sort of Firework – the diamond, sparkly ones! (Technical name) I should probably also include the pumpkins that Mr F carved, but I’m a little pumpkin’d out from pictures of them over Instagram. Maybe I’ll save them for a ‘October throw back’ next summer.

What am I loving? The right now. chill and know Christmas will sort itself out and be so much more enjoyable nearer the time.


4 thoughts on “Things I’m loving #3

  1. We’re off to some fireworks next week that’s a great photo though 🙂 it’s amazing how quickly Christmas seems to be approaching but still plenty of time. Thanks for linking up to #lovelythings


    1. Seriously enjoy writing it, I look through my photos from the month and then make some sparkle happen. Thanks for a ‘lovely’ idea – see what I did there x


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