Throw kindness around


Okay, before we get ‘dizzy’ kind of excited by this quote…some thought needs to be given. I have never been to a wedding where the Vicar or Registrar has said ‘throw that confetti where ever you like’, I have however listened to stories of ‘please wait to throw confetti outside of the church yard’ or a photographer explaining the exact moment he wants you to throw it, in hope of that ‘confetti shot’ every wedded couple seems to be after.

With this new perspective in mind here is a little ‘note’ to my son inspired by this quote, for kindness should never be a one way street.

Dear J, 

Always be kind, and always be a gentleman even when those around you aren’t so polite. Open doors and say your pleases and thank you’s where needed; especially to Great Nanny – really shout them at her, otherwise she may mishear you (she’s now 90, so I actually mean scream). 

At school, share your coloured pens with the kid that no one talks to, you may just make their day. 

On the bus, give up your seat to the Elderly or a stressed looking parent with a toddler nipping at their ankles. 

Compliment others, please notice when Mummy has had her hair coloured (and remind Daddy to notice), say you like someone’s outfit when you can see they’ve made an effort. 

Always be the kindest boy and man you can be, this will take you far in life and perhaps love…

Except if the person you are kind towards is a twat. If they are the type of kid that does have coloured pencils of their own but can’t be bothered to get them out of their bag – twat. 

If the stressed parent is being rude to their child and actually there are seats available – stay sat, they too do not deserve your kind nature. 

If a girl in a bar is trying to get a free drink from you, she does not deserve your time, love or a vodka and Coke – remind her that I always worked and the equality act came in in 2010. You can do better. 

Kindness is always offered and like respect grows. Always be the first to be kind but please walk away when others do not show it in return. 

Love you ‘to the stars and back’

Mummy x

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