You can’t act like a flip flop..

 Quote by Anon – may be in my top five quotes of all time.
So after my love of Disney – shoes come a very fast second…well more a 1.5 from Disney.

I remember the first shoes I ever loved; they were my Mums heels, a classic Fuscha pink number that she wore to a wedding and although they never fitted me, I loved to pop them on and tottle around the house.

This quote resonates with me because flip flops are sloppy, reserved for the beach and ‘back door shoes’ but heels, oh they are for dancing, prancing, they physically lift you, improve posture (not so great for the knees) and Cinderella’s slipper shows a sparkly heel that can change your life.

If you were a shoe what would you be? A sporty trainer, a thick soled walking boot or a high brand designer number that is both limited and appreciated by those that understand heels…

Are you a budget buy sneaker or a limited edition trainer with a whizzy bubble under heel to improve efficiency and performance.

Perhaps more importantly is what you actually enjoy wearing, how you want to be seen and where you see yourself heading, don’t get me wrong we all have our slouchy slipper days and our fair share of welly weekends surrounded by puddles of misery…the other great thing about shoes is maybe wellies are your happy footwear ‘sole mate’ (my little boy lights up when his Thomas the Tank wellies come out to play), perhaps that actual shoe is irrelevant and actually it’s more important that you act how you wish to be treated.

So aim high, be a limited edition, appreciated and bring joy to those that walk with you on your journey.


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