Things I’m loving #1

When I saw this Linky, I knew it was for me.

So with Autumn drawing in, here are 3 things I’m loving right now. (This is not PR related but totally from the Fridge soul)

1. Chamomile Tea. Whether it’s the middle of a heat wave or I’m frozen from head to toe – chamomile Tea is a must for bed time and I have a favourite. Pukka Tea, ‘Night time’ comes in a lovely blue box and is a combination of oat flower, lavender and lime flowers, valerian and chamomile…I love tea and this is a go to / have to have kind of cuppa. You can pick it up in health food stores, supermarkets and online.

2. Superman

 Its not just me that loves this, after J fell head over heels for Superman (the real one, the late great Christopher Reeve) my amazing and talented Mummy created this beauty using crochet. It’s so personal and I love to watch Js delight as he snuggles him at night…or flies him over the sofa at speed!

3. Seaside UK style

  Of course we would all prefer a tropical tan but how gorgeous is this photo (#nofilter) and I must say I am partial to an Autumnal walk along the coast to blow away the cobwebs and refocus the mind.

Make sure you are wrapped up warm as an English beach is perfect to reenergise and focus, plus you can always find a pebble or six million to throw into the sea.

What are you loving in September?


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