Wake. Pray. Slay

Quote by awesome Anon

I find that if I can wake on my terms (without a little ninja creeping in and tackling me) I can literally take on the world.

Seriously it’s like a revolutionary universal explosion, when the ninja does creep in my day is more like the Jurassic age…mummy dinosaur is ferocious. I’ve wrote a post before about my morning routine but thought I’d write about how I turn my Mummy-Rex in to a mummy dream when things don’t go as planned.

I lock myself in the toilet. We are blessed with both an upstairs and downstairs bathroom, so if one is out of action nobody has the excuse to break down the door. I basically sit and reawaken. It’s not as snug as my bed, but it’s ninja attack free. I then do some simple breathing techniques that I find work for me. I’ve also been known to do these in public bathrooms when my stress levels are going crazy. It’s called the OM breath and just two minutes is enough to reduce your heart rate by two thirds. I also like it because as you breath in and out you make a rasping sound that reminds me of waves. Google it, it works and the tutorials are hilarious.

I write a list. Seriously, I’m a spiritual being but have never found joy in prayer, but a list is like fuel in my engine. It gives me direction in an otherwise chaotic day, I feel a huge sense of achievement as I tick off each item. I’ve even been known to add things I’ve done previously to writing the list, on the list, just so I can tick them off. I even have a notebook dedicated to lists.

Self care indulgence. Everyday I squeeze in a little self care, it might be painting my nails, lighting candles, clearing out a draw, ringing a friend…but on days when I’ve turned it around I reward myself with bonus time. Today was indeed a slay day. There was so much to do and I was a single parent with the Mr away, so once the ninja was asleep I had a bubble bath, hair treatment, painted my nails, lit candles, listened to a podcast, had some posh tea and even made time (thanks to the tribe of support) to squeeze in a yoga class.

…why? Because when you’ve slayed you need to do two things.

  • Celebrate: because whatever you were slaying was exhausting.
  • Top up your cup: there’s that wise old saying that you can’t pour from an empty cup and frankly my cup was cracking today, nobody wants me to leak over them so best I fill in the chip and recharge.

I hope you wake to slay tomorrow. How do you turn things around when your day isn’t going as planned? Please share any tips in the comment section 🙂


Do what you love

Quote by David Frost.

It seems much easier to say ‘do what you love’ as perhaps a child, than say an adult who has bills to pay and mouths to feed. However, I fundamentally believe it’s true.

IMG_2361I’m very blessed that I work as a teacher in a lovely school – a job I wanted and enjoy, but I don’t believe that your job or career defines you.

I love being a Mummy too (most of the time – given the odd tantrum and over flowing nappy), I’ve been blessed with two little tots. My little man has just turned two and in 2009 I had a little girl who sadly was too precious for this world and so she had to fly off to bigger and better things. These experiences are my little positive miracles. J (my little boy) often teaches me more about the world than I do him.

Being a mother doesn’t define me either, or a partner, a relative or friend. To me ‘Doing what I love’ is the much smaller gifts in life. I try and make time for them because they make me happy, and on days when my bed is comfy and warm and the thought of going to work is too much to bare…they make my day worth while.

I wrote a few of them down in a little note pad that I keep my my bed (I’m a sucker for stationary) and I noticed that most of them were free or cost very little. How lovely is that!

* painting my nails * drinking tea * walking the dog in the woods *reading (both grown up books by myself and snuggling with J for a classic ‘The Tiger that came to tea’) * drinking red wine or a GnT in the garden with my Chiminea * cuddling * lighting candles (usually linen scented) * cracking the perfect boiled egg – with an appropriate number of toasted soldiers lined up on the plate.

So what do you do that you love? Maybe write a list and make more time for it (especially if it’s a rainy kind of day…and boy life’s full of those) Let me know how it goes…