The Saturday Sesh #7

TThe nights have drawn in and the leaves are falling, whilst I love seasonal change it can bring with it uncertainty and challenge. I am feeling the effects of the full moon today (writing this 05.10.17) and longing for the new moon to enter later this month 19th October. The more I read on moon cycles, the more I can see how my life seems to reflect what the moon is doing. So, if you have had a chaotic week, pick up a mug of something warm and know you are not alone in a week of chaos and uncertainty (seriously this week can do one!)

Now on to the linky, Hayley my cohost and I pick a Featured blogger each week, a way of sharing the love for the posts you read, giving a little more exposure to #thesatsesh community and also allowing us a moment to reflect on some talented writers. To see Hayley’s pick, click here and for mine, look no further than the talented Teri at The Rhyming Mum, yup when I am having a rant, she adds a poetic twist that this week left myself and Hayley nodding and loving every moment. Her post titled A letter to pre- mum me can be found by clicking the link. It reminded me of how harsh we are on ourselves and that that never seems to change, from teens to twenty somethings we are critical and at times mean, an extract from her work sums this up beautifully…

Be comfortable in your skin.
Stop stressing about whether you’re too fat or too thin.

Your body is amazing and it will perform miracles soon.
So stop looking at it with such doom and gloom.

Stop trying to stay friends with people who don’t care.
One day you won’t even realise that they’re no longer there.

So whatever the Moon or my crazy life is up to this week, I will thank Teri for her words of truth and be a little kinder to those I meet – including myself. (Please collect your badge from Hayleys site Teri), now onwards with this weeks #7 link up


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