The Saturday Sesh #5


Seriously, I’m not sure that its just having a weekend linky but these weeks seem to be getting quicker and quicker. I guess the one great thing about that is the weekend is here! So its time to be a full time mummy and clean the house for survival for another week 🙂

And of course pick my featured blogger for another week, please check out my cohost’s option, as we both pick a featured post for #thesatsesh by clicking here to see Hayley’s zen blog aptly titled Mission Mindfulness.

It was hard to pick a winner this week but I have a blogging confession – I hate reviews, I stopped doing them myself for this purpose, however Daddy Poppins had me in stitches and I totally recommend his post on cleaning teeth. Yes it is PR related – but also a fab read. Click here if you missed it, because its so well written and a delight to read. (Plus I’m a sucker for a gif / meme)


A small plea – please don’t link and run. We even had a blogger last week who wrote a post on the joys of linky’s and how to abide by rules – not link the badge, not comment and it spoils the vibe of what we are trying to create, which is a totally inclusive and loving community of talent and weekend joy. Thanks for coming to play, read and link. Below are the rules incase it isn’t clear…


  • Link up You can link up to 2 posts, old or new
  • Grab a badge Please do add the # thesatsesh badge. You can do this by copying and pasting the badge code into the text/HTML area of your post within your publishing platform
  • Tweet Share your posts on Twitter using the linky hashtag #thesatsesh and tag us in for retweets @fridgesays @mummy_mindful. Follow us if you don’t already please.
  • Comment sit back, relax (its the weekend after all). Please use #thesatsesh and in usual linky etiquette comment on each of the hosts posts, mine and Hayleys, the post before and after yours (4 in total). If you comment on more, that would be wonderful. 

OPTIONAL EXTRA: Come and play in our IG community by using #thesatsesh for photos of your weekend or perhaps connected to a post you’ve linked. Follow us on Instagram @fridgesays and @mission_mindfulness_blog and we will keep up to date and follow you back.


What My Fridge Says
<div align="center"><a href="" rel="nofollow" title="What My Fridge Says"><img src="" alt="What My Fridge Says" style="border: none;" /></a></div>

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