Fortune favours the brave 

Latin proverb

1st January in the U.K. was wet and grey, like the hangovers of the nation it hung its head under the covers and didn’t want to play.

A weird feeling came over me as we packed away the Christmas lights, it wasn’t of sadness but more of a waiting; was the year going to hold all I hoped? I remember thinking I probably had similar feelings about the year ahead as my son does on Christmas Eve, hoping he had been good enough to make the good list…waiting to see. 

During the Christmas joy I had decided to try my own homemade marshmallows, I’d bought the ingredients, checked recipes an online tutorials – but I hadn’t made them, I was anxious. Candy making recipes call for precision and boiling sugar can be complex…perhaps I’d seen too many tutorials but I realise is sounds ridiculous to read – I was scared of the recipe going wrong. 

At the moment I caught myself making excuses, I saw the anxiety and I thought ‘I’m f*cked if I’m going to start 2017 being scared of a squidgy puff of sugar’…

I hit the 80’s tunes, I mixed, boiled and whisked and guess what…

Like magic, I did it! I ran around the house with my mixture, I posted a pic on social media…this was not about making marshmallows, this was about (however silly it may appear) overcoming, being resilient and winning. 

As I write this I’m watching my son cry and overcome his fears of the water during a swim lesson…water is his marshmallow today. 

I’m sure if 2017 is as good as I hope, there will be many marshmallow days, they’re worth overcoming, after all you might end up learning how to swim or you may be able to enjoy the taste of sugar boiled to a precise 240 degrees. Whatever your anxieties are, or however brave you have to be I truly hope 2017 favours you. 


14 thoughts on “Fortune favours the brave 

  1. I think those marshmallows were a fantastic metaphor for overcoming your fears and just getting on with it. I think 2017 will be an awesome year for you if you keep on with that mindset. Thanks for linking up with #TuesdayTreasures x

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  2. Ah you’ve started the year strongly honey. I’d seen the pics of the marshmallows on IG and thought they looked IMPRESSIVE so it’s nice to know the backstory too. I need this boost…. FB Live is my marshmallow moment…. but I will try and persevere I think…. you’ve also reminded me… I must book those swimming lessons for my eldest…. Happy New Year lovely. xx

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  3. I admire you! I would definitely have got a bit wobbly at the prospect of boiling sugar too but I salute you for tackling it! May all of your marshmallows be chocolated coated for 2017 lovely. Thanks for linking to #DreamTeam x

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