You are enough 

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Reading my posts you can probably tell I’m an upbeat woman who can solve most things with a pair of high heels (the higher the better) and a swipe from a lipgloss wand, incidentally I love the quiet popping noise when you pull the gloss wand from its container…I digress, however, you’ll also know I’m a natural motivator and am hugely competitive with myself. If I can better my health, wealth, relationships, career or purchase a product that can do the job more efficiently I’m first in line. I don’t really have dreams – I have goals. Driving those goals to the finish line requires daily hard work, dedication and surrounding myself with like minded people

And that’s where it gets hard. Society is sooo hard on itself. I am enough right now. That doesn’t mean I can’t improve, it just means I love myself enough to give myself a break. It means I aspire to be more but still love where I am – and I know I’m lucky to feel this way because interacting with work colleagues, friends and family it seems self hate has become the norm. Lunch in the staffroom always involves someone commenting on their own eating habits, weight or the current diet trend. It’s exhausting.

It’s a poison that is slowly contaminating our wonderful children, sadly they grow up and somewhere along the line they lose their inhibitions, judge themselves with dark lenses as the rose tinted, happy go lucky attitudes of early years fall to the floor. Cracked and fragmented, disjointed and doubtful if what they can achieve.

Its the daily doubt that so many people who I see positive qualities in don’t recognise within themselves.

I guess what I’d like to say is, if someone else can love you how you are right now – you can love yourself too. In this very moment. For some this is hard, others it seems impossible. So how can you alter your self love dial to full on?

 I’m a great advocate of Lousie Hayes ‘Mirror work’ a quick surf through the web will give you detailed instructions, but in essence you begin by looking in the mirror and telling yourself that you love you. 

At first I can guarantee it’s totally cringe worthy and at times you laugh or someone else in the house thinks you are taking to them (awkward) but after a while it feels empowering and is rather addictive. 

You can extend this by telling yourself what you love or are grateful for. You may hate your belly but do you love your boobs? If so, look in the mirror and let your chest know. It’s working practice but I promise it’s worth it.

If the mirror seems too much to begin with you can simplify it by playing a little game. 

Every time I say something negative (my thighs are too large) I then say in my head something that I like (my eyes are beautiful) and over time you’ll find you don’t need to verbalise the negatives and as a result they reduce and self appreciation can prosper

A variation of this is to list the things you like, are grateful for and enjoy. 

However you feel about you in the moment please know that you are enough. That someone loves you just how you are. That if you have young children -you are a superhero that can do no wrong, and that the belly you hate is what they love to hold most.

You are enough. 

If you only have one mantra this should be it. 

16 thoughts on “You are enough 

  1. Yaaasss! Love this ! I am trying hard to get to this place and am getting there slowly but surely. I work full time and have two kids, one with ASD. I am working bloody hard and doing a good job. Thanks for great post ! #fortheloveofblog

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    1. Of course your doing a good job – Check out your lippy! I work full time and know how exhausting it can be, gentle time is so important (went to the beauticians before coming home yesterday hehe)

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  2. What a lovely idea – I worry that I am going to pass my insecurities or worries about what others think onto my daughter – I think this would be a great thing for her to see me do! #fortheloveofBLOG

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    1. It can of course work in reverse, I saw my Mum battle with her weight for so many years that I chose to never need to. It exhausts her (still) and I never wanted that for me. But of course you are right, kids don’t need anymore insecurities than they already have. Thanks for commenting

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  3. Oh I love this post! It is so true that negativity can really pull you down. I am a huge fan of Louise Hayes too and although I found it a bit cringey at first to be telling myself how wonderful I am, it really works to pull yourself into a positive frame of mind and affects everything you do. Another brilliant post xx #ablogginggoodtime

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  4. This is all so mindful I need to share it – society definitely needs to encourage more self-compassion and we need to monitor our negative thoughts. I love the advice about being grateful about something if you’ve caught your thoughts that are more negative. Good advice. x #fortheloveofBLOG

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  5. Great post lovely one that is hugely empowering and positive. You’re right every where we look there is negativity towards food, work, childcare the list goes on and on. One thing I’ve learnt is that the more positive and smiling you are the better you will become, and the better your day will be. Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheliveofBLOG. Claire x

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