Be a Mermaid and make waves 

As long term readers will know when I grow up I want to be a mermaid, anything vaguely mermaid related appeals to me and as I’ve grown older I’ve also realised that I want to live in tropical waters, I’ve watched enough episodes of ‘location location’ to know that ethos/environment matter; we’re talking clear water, tropical fish terrain not Brighton in the winter for I fear my shells would shrivel and if I’m honest my shell area is already on the petite size.

As a result this quote screamed out ‘oh use me – and why not write about the quote whilst you’re on holiday’ so here I am – writing. 

On the plane I’ve just watched a film called ‘The Boss’ with Melissa McCarthy and Kirsten Bell and it did make me giggle. The lead character is a feisty woman who see’s a vision (in this particular example by selling chocolate brownies) and goes for it. I thought of the quote instantly ‘make a splash’ – how many of us hold back, may be only slightly in case our splash is too large and it may make others wet or in the real world ‘piss people off’ or perhaps like me we hide behind excuses of being busy, a full time mum – you name it I’ve used it. Why? Because what if my splash doesn’t resemble Ariels in The Little Mermaid and is just a puddle… 

Fear however if far worse than any puddle…when you have a puddle at least you know a cloud did its job and rained, or more likely in my home – mummy broke the tap and flooded the joint. It doesn’t matter how the puddle arrived, someone somewhere helped it to happen, someone did something. Fear however can be paralysing, fear stops dreams in its tracks and turns a splash from a mermaid into…empty rocks.

So may be I’m not a Mermaid (yet) although beach permitting I’ll be giving it my best shot and may be I’ll never fulfil all my dreams but I’m going to give it a damn good go. 

One of my plans whilst I’m away is to write in my journal and I also want to blast through some new books that I’ve packed…

Like the start of a new year, a holiday is a great time to return refreshed and re-energised and ready to step it up and make some waves, and who knows I might even start to grow a fin or a glimmer of scales whilst I’m away?

What are your dreams and what are your ‘Wave’ blocks preventing you from fulfilling the ultimate big splash?



23 thoughts on “Be a Mermaid and make waves 

  1. What a brilliant metaphor! I’d love to get more serious about my writing rather than just bashing away haphazardly on my blog, but my ‘wave’ blocks are all the usual ones – full-time job, motherhood, too tired, too many other things to do. I need to get over myself and just do it already. #EatSleepBlogRT.

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  2. Oh I love this! Such a positive post about going out and chasing our dreams, or perhaps that should be swimming in the sea of dreams! No, that didn’t work did it 😉 I have so many dreams. I would love to carry on writing my novel. However, finding the time is tricky! Good luck on chasing yours, get writing! #dreamteam

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  3. loved every bit of this post, funnily enough I wrote a similar one called Dare to Believe just a couple of days ago, although not as fab as your mermaid post! A couple of years ago there was a big wave in my way, it was called fear and anxiety, but I padded through it and am now writing! I am smooch happier! #eatsleepblogRT

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  4. Ooh I love an inspirational post (especially when Disney is involved!). I am really trying to be brave and step out of my comfort zone – make my splash! I hope that this post is a sign that I’m right in going for it! #DreamTeam


  5. I think wanting to be a mermaid is great, atleastbyou knew what you wanted to be. Whhen i was little My friend (yes we are still friends) always wanted to be a pigeon #dreamteam

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  6. Oh, mermaiding sounds so good! I’ve always fancied myself as a bit of a flamingo, I love the pink! No clever metaphor, just pink. #EatSleepBlogRT

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  7. Love, love, love this metaphor – so clever! I’ve taken a big step forward recently and trying to push myself without being scared of rejection – it’s hard in the blogging world as you feel forever scrutinised but if you don’t ask you will never get and if you don’t dream then what is life? xx #DreamTeam

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  8. I absolutely love this, I have a few things I would love to get serious about but fear holds me back. You’re right though, we can’t be afraid of making a splash, no matter how large that splash may be. I love the metaphor…you’ve put a smile on my face! Thanks for linking your post to #dreamteam

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  9. LOVE this post. Just what I needed to read on a Friday night at the end of the first week of the autumn term. Just the right balance of positivity and light-heartedness and as others have said a fab metaphor. It reminded me of the quote (that I thought was from Mandela but maybe not…) something along the lines of – our deepest fear being that we are powerful beyond measure….. I think I need to quit teaching but am scared that I won’t be any good at anything else…… there I’ve said it and I’ve not admitted that to anyone before! I am such a fan of this blog xx #eatsleepblogRT x

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    1. Thank you so much (I blushed a little). Honesty when we’re able opens doors to improvement – teaching is sooo hard, you’ll be awesome at anything you turn your mindful attention to. Lots of love x

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