If they give you ruled paper

Quote by Juan Ramon Jimenez 

Despite in my heart being a traditionalist, my reality has always been a little ‘backwards’, the baby came before the engagement, baby two before the wedding / well baby two was expensive so stopped any wedding…the house came in the middle somewhere and if this keeps up then I’m half expecting J to finish University before he tries preschool…

Guidelines are great, helpful and at times a necessity. However, this quote is literally about turning things an at angle that suits you, and sometimes ‘your way’ can be that little bit better, like the person who cashed in the mortgage and the steady job to travel and returns a better person. Somebody that has lived.

To every step family out there mixing up the bowl of life to make it work – this quote salutes you. 

To every retired couple out there not taking life’s sofa pathway and instead traveling – this quote gives you a high five.

To every toddler out there who is making their health visitor nervous because they are growing at their own rate and straying away from the pre decided charts – we laugh (unless you are the health visitor in which case we apologise) 

To every human…do it whichever way causes you the greatest joy and the least amount of pain, life is for living and sometimes its a little more enjoyable to write through the guidelines of life than to work with them.

This week turn that paper side ways and use crayons, great big chunky crayons or perhaps bust open the limited edition glitter set and make this week sparkle.


4 thoughts on “If they give you ruled paper

  1. a great post and I totally agree. Do it whatever way works for you. That is my motto! Angela from Daysinbed visiting from Me Myself and I

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