No one knows how to love anybodies troubles 

Quote by Frank Stanford

For better or worse? Hmm it seems a little out dated. Of course once in love, you can see imperfections and negative qualities – which at times can even be adorable. Love truly defined is ‘He / She still loves me with flu, greasy hair and when I have sloth like qualities’…

However, I spent most of my early twenties like most of my friends ‘saving people’ and if there is one thing I’ve learnt – you can’t save another; you can help and guide but ultimately we are all in control of our own car crashed and bad hair days, and a little sad but somewhat true is that some people live for the drama and chaos, they spring from disaster zone to complex doomed relationship and from the outside it seems they are celebrating in the misery. Of course, they are really just reliving negative patterns of behaviour and  ingrained habits. We’ve all been there, got the tshirt and the destruction of the ex partners in our history. So why is a positive place like whatmyfridgesays depressing us all…

Because I want to remind you (and myself) that negative people let out negative energy and it’ highly contagious. If you want to love and live happily ever after, listen to others but don’t become absorbed in the energy they are feeding you, because this doesn’t make you selfish, afterall a happy you is better for everyone around you.

So, when the ladies in the office are moaning about their other halves – make a cup tea, rather than swap stories that really are irrelevant and don’t push you in a positive direction.

Seems easy…it’s not, the world is sadly full of misery (one of the reasons I rarely watch TV and never watch the news), I’m guilty too of being absorbed and it’s something I watch, monitor and try to remove myself from.

So this week, think like a butterfly and take the best nectar from the best flowers…and leave the bees to spend all their energy buzzing when they too are just a petal away from the best nectar in town.

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