Don’t rush and never settle 

 Quote original to what my fridge says.

Usually I find a quote that resonates with me and then use this as my starting point for writing. Today however I had a point to make and despite searching couldn’t find a quote that truly power slammed my opinion, so in my own empowered zone I created my own. It isn’t a particularly deep quote with under tones, meaning or hidden metaphors but as I often write, I’m partial to a quote that gets straight to the point.

For any younger readers, this advice comes from my thirty year old self…never settle. If you don’t love the dress, leave it on the hanger in the store. If the boy is cute but annoys you within five minutes of being in his company then he probably isn’t the ‘one’…side note, although I personally believe in soul mates these come in many forms, you may find ‘the one right now’ and after several months or years becomes a little too comfy or blooming irritating – like a jumper that was once a favourite but lost its shape and doesn’t bring out the best in you. It’s okay to release the jumper to the charity shop or back to relationships decide to go separate ways…the jumper will be a perfect fit for someone out there.

Despite our limited time in this weird and wacky world I’m not sure why everyone is in such a rush? Rushing to school, rushing to work, rushing to get jobs jobbed and meetings met…

I fully admit that at times pace is a friend, but never forget to make time to stop and look around once in a while. Toddlers are fabulous for this, my son walks at the pace of a snail and feels the need to stop at every daffodil, worm or rock (which may potentially have a worm under it) and although my adult brain is whizzing and encouraging him to pick up speed, it is he who has the balance right. 

Thirty year me has seen relationships where people have settled and sadly these usually result in divorce or seperation. Making do is best left to your sewing box and away from the people you surround yourself by.

So how can you avoid the rush and may be worst of all the settling…

1. Stop

2. Reflect, analyse and look around

3.does it make you happy (‘yeah I guess’ is a no!)

That’s it. Except may be act upon your analysis, always take stock of the relationships that take up your time – are they serving you draining you or have you just out grown them like that jumper we mentioned earlier?

This week take time to stop and analyse, it may prevent you from settling for something below you.


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