Always kiss your dog good night  

 This is one of those quotes that you can get printed on anything from tea cups to pencils, because of this I can’t find who first said it? So, credit goes to ‘Anon’
This post is 100% dedicated to my four legged friend – Moët.

 At 5yrs old she now requires glasses, haha no I just love to accessorise and this is one of the reasons I adore her.

She will literally lay down at let me poke her, stroke her and paint her nails (it was only once and I’ve learnt my lesson…a yellow lab clashes with coral polish), we’ve had her since a pup and her story is rather ‘Jeremy Kyle’, her mum Sarah lived on a ranch…ok, it’s the UK so we say farm (but how cool did ranch sound!) she was a black lab, one day a yellow lab male looking for passion stumbled upon Sarah’s ranch….8 weeks later and 2 horrified owners later – Moët was born! (And about 9 others) I called her Moët as she was a combination of my favourite things – a cute puppy that was coloured champagne and my fav sparkle ‘Moët’

Id like to suggest that we became inseparable, alas the picture above lies…her heart belongs to Mr F, she is literally his dog and only has eyes for him. I joke (with serious thoughts in my head) that they were once lovers in a previous life, that and because when she was little they use to have secret naps on the sofa whilst I was at work.

I’m animal obsessed and if it wasn’t for Mr F our house would be a zoo. I’m a sucker for anything with a tail, big eyes or even a shell (I have snails too!) but he puts the breaks down most days. Moët has given us so much; she is beyond amazing with J – he climbs over her, tugs at her and she seems to know he’s a pup and tolerates it. They play together and roll around together…

 Thank you Moët for teaching us that you know best, that you know when it’s 7pm (dinner time) and that you are faithful, loyal and trustworthy (ssshh all those secrets I’ve told you)

And I love her so dearly for loving ‘our’ boy so dearly x

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