I am because…

   An African proverb

The fridge and I have many different favourite quotes, but this little gem defrosts our souls.

Firstly, Happy Father’s Day. This is for all the Daddio’s who are awesome. Believe me there are plenty – I’m greedy and have two.

My Dad has been married to my Mum for over 40 years, he was my first hero and I adore him. He plays with J and is always on hand to fix a toy or build him a legendary tower (that J knocks down in seconds). I’m an only child so I’ve been bubble wrapped since before I entered the world. Every childhood photo of mine has cushions in the background and my slide even had a mat at the bottom (because everyone knows the fatalities involved in falling on grass, right?), he always made time for a story even when he worked silly hours – he has never wanted anything for himself and if I’m honest has always gone above and beyond, like when I passed my driving test and wanted to drive back to university in Lincoln from our home in London…he sat next to me all the way like my shadow and then got the train straight back, it took him hours and I probably never really thanked him

(thank you x)

Then there’s my soul mate and partner in crime – Js Daddy. We are a team and he drives me mad…like crazy  fruit loop mad. He is messy and he can wind me up in seconds and I blooming adore him! Haha – that’s true love.

J is blessed because Friday is Daddy-day-care, this means my house is trashed, they get every toy out and use every kitchen utensil (and never load it in the dishwasher) and to be honest I’m not sure what they do? But I do know that J is happy and learns crazy pointless Dad things like hand shakes and wrestling moves that blow my mummy brain and…I wouldn’t have it another way.

As our little dude has grown so has their interaction. Dads have it hard in the first few months of bonding. While I was a human cow, all he could do was change nappies – while I was at home for nearly 6 months, he was working longer to compensate financially…

So thank you, to every loving Dad that’s interactive, creative and in my case an expert in occupying a tantruming two year old in the supermarket because he wants the doughnut NOW. Bed times wouldn’t be as beautiful and our little guy is because…we are.

Share your Daddy stories below x

14 thoughts on “  I am because…

  1. This is gorgeous. I have a bit of An above and beyond time dad too, so lucky to have him. Sounds like Js Daddy is a lot like my hubby, always teaching my eldest some new ‘play fighting’ game cx #thesatsesh


  2. My husband is a great dad too. He can manage it all and has his own special relationship with the kids. When I compare that to previous generations in my family, I realise I’m pretty lucky to have someone who changes nappies and does an equal share of housework too. #thesatsesh


  3. It is so lovely to watch little ones with their Daddy! Fishing and lego are the two top activities for that time in our house! #thesatsesh


  4. Dads do have a tough time bonding in the beginning. But you wouldn’t know that if you saw my husband with our daughters. Their bond is so special. Thanks for sharing. #thesatsesh


  5. Playtime with daddy in our house always ends in a ridiculous amount of mess… But an incredible amount of laughter too. Last week he used a cardboard box to turn R’s ride on into a pirate ship. It was brilliant. But I’m still cleaning up the mess now. I wouldn’t have it any other way though. #thesatsesh


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