Kites rise highest…

img_3390Quote by Winston Churchill, a man who I think would have made a wonderful Sunday roast guest.

Having a blog tests me in many ways, sometimes I struggle to think of what to write, I refuse to write things I don’t feel or believe in, I only work with brands I think reflect the ‘Fridges vibes’ (some amazing things coming soon) and sometimes I don’t feel motivated myself.

I do however love this quote, I wrote the section above earlier this morning. I stopped and reflected on its direction and my day…it was looking grey, like the weather. It was one of those ‘keep ya PJs on and eat junk food’ kinda day, which in our house is known as a duvet day. There is nothing wrong with a duvet day I just didn’t really want one!

I flew against the wind and left the sofa, with small steps I showered, added make up, blow dried my hair and bathed j (not at the same time…you know that whole electricity/bath water thing). Feeling a bit more human and less Maleficent I wrote some postcards out to friends (just because) and took J out with the pooch for a walk around the village we live in. I posted the cards and kept walking (J was napping), I ignored the miserable weather and ‘dream pushed’ this is where I’m 50% pushing the pram and in the moment and 50% dreaming – today’s dream was mainly about a warmer climate and Spring that waits around the corner, things I’d like to do in the garden and renovation ideas for the house…I also like to play ‘who lives in this house’, a bit like the 80s game shows but way more judgemental.

I just needed to save my Sunday. Tonight I plan to paint nails and escape into a book I’m reading. (I’m so rock n roll) flying against the wind can be hard work, especially if you have big dreams and an expansive imagination. The truth in these words above can also be effortless – but sometimes saving the small moments can make a huge difference too.

If you have a vision, a goal to climb the career ladder…you’ll need to get that kite off the ground and move in directions that others aren’t, against the wind you can feel exposed, lonely and let’s be honest the wind can take a sudden drop and you can find that beautiful kite crashing to the floor. That is something that I believe deserves a medal. Always pick the kite back up because when it soars through the bright blue skies – that’s when you know you’ve achieved something beautiful.

Attitude is a little thing…


 Quote from Winston Churchill. This is post is a reminder to keep our emotions balanced.

Working in an environment with over a thousand teenagers – I literally have a degree in attitude, so it is natural for me to talk about this part of my life.

However, attitude in society is much more interesting to me.

Last weekend Mr Fridge and I went on a date night, part of the date included a meal. Our waitress was scary and angry and well…sad. I knew that her attitude was going to end up backfiring on her. Seconds later a customer (on another table may I add) blew his top with her, as sad as I felt for her I couldn’t help thinking she had attracted negativity.

On Sunday we sat at Blackwall tunnel for a hour in static traffic and the attitude of some drivers was hysterical…nudging forward (remember I said the jam was static), cursing and making themselves upset…got them no where. We didn’t go anywhere either but we weren’t near to needing assistance for a heart attack.

I think attitude is a fine line…too passive and you get walked over, too assertive and you can become queen bossy boots and too aggressive usually lands you up in trouble. A balance of emotions is essentially as important as a balanced diet or work/play lifestyle.

Balanced emotions can get really good results, to be assertive is hugely attractive for a lot of people, especially in the work place. I do remember a teacher that I had in when I was at secondary school…he was angry before he walked in the place and we (a group of about 30 kids) knew exactly what buttons to press to cause him to explode. I do feel a little bad that I participated in this but at the same time I learnt very little in Science due to his (the adult) emotions.

Saying that, nobody is perfect and we all have days where we snap or bite. I guess those are the days that we lose our attitude balance?

I have to end of something that was intrenched into my soul throughout my childhood, it’s pretty obvious really – but manners do go along way and cost nothing. A please, thank you, compliment or even opening a door can adjust another persons attitude to you, it’s hard to be angry with someone who has just allowed you to pass through the door you are opening for them with a huge smile, and if you can help others adjust their attitude – you’re someone who is pretty special.