Fake a smile and move on…#1

 Another Anon quote…
It’s a good piece of advice that many use until they fulfill their desires. Staying strong internally can be difficult  but if you are able to fake a smile it very soon becomes contagious and resonates helping you to ‘real smile’ and feel good.

Faking it until you make it is a strategy that I was researching for myself, hence I came across this little gem and there is something we can all do to instantly to lift our souls on our darker days and it’s accessible to all!

Okay, ready for the secret…listen to up beat, feel good music. With the right playlist you can’t help but tap along. This morning I ditched the radio (lots of waffle talk, a mixture of music that I don’t always enjoy and miserable news) for a few of my most positive / upbeat tracks that honestly had me singing and car dancing (of course that’s a thing) from 6:45am, I cant vouch for how my mini man (he’s 2 yrs old) strapped in the back of the car felt about Mummy singing but it set me up ready to face a full lesson day and I think it made me happier and more productive.

Not convinced? Need some more info…

Music therapy combats the negative effects of depression, dementia, amnesia and mood disorders because it’s like sweets to the brain as our neuron activity spikes with familiar or emotive sounds.

Which sounds increase your happiness will vary from each individual – after all we all have specific tastes, ultimately it’s likely that you’ll be more successful with positive lyrics, upbeat if they’re written in a major key, so the big question is what tracks work for you? I’d really like to know and create a playlist that we can all share.

So, let me begin and despite the fact I’m still a spring chicken (ish) I personally find that the Mo town / RnB / or soul makes me instantly smile.

The three tracks that bounce to mind are…apart from anything by Taylor Swift (cringe):

Whitney Houston – I wanna dance with somebody (my childhood jam)

Luther Vandross – Never too much

Lionel Richie – Dancing on the ceiling.

So please get involve and comment below, scribble on fb, #whatmyfridgesay on Twitter and let me know what makes you dance on the ceiling?

If you are a blogger maybe you could post your own thoughts on music to help fake it before December  comes and we are all hiding from Mariah Carey and what she wants for Christmas!

Thank for reading and sharing ideas 🙂