Remember growing might feel like breaking at first.

Quote Anon but super wise

I love to light a candle, snuggle with fluffy socks and pinch the Mr’s hoodie but comfort only brings contentment for a short period of time, stay too long and the candle goes out. Nothing changes, the years pass and life stagnates.

I’m a huge advocate for self development and self care, as a full time teacher and Mummy, daughter, friend and partner – I can’t be at my best unless I first address my own health, wellbeing and happiness. My family are seriously awesome people, the children in my classes have the potential to make our world a better place, my son has only got one Mummy…to do this I need time out and I need time for me. I take note of when I’m tired and I go to bed early, I rise early and make time to exercise. Self care is the key to being the best I can be. It’s my vision that all humans embrace self love, to embrace busy days and balance them with bubble baths…so I’m being brave and currently am developing a self care YouTube channel. There I’ve typed it – I’ve told the universe.

It scares the shizzle out of me. Currently the Mr and I are learning to edit, focus, upload and do a thousand things that are beyond our comfort zones, there are no candles and hoodies to hide behind. If I want to push the vision of self care then I need to abandon my comfort zone. I know the first few episodes are likely to make me cringe, that our skill set is only just in its infancy but for me to grow I need to make this jump from words on a page to movement on a screen. At the moment I feel like I’m broken.

Broken is temporary. I’m a seed. A tiny seed with a huge vision of an oak tree. It’s my vision and the support of my partner that I know I won’t stay a seed, moments are temporary. At the moment I’m submerged in doubt and soil, getting ready to grow I know one thing to be true. I would rather of tried and failed than stayed a seed in a closed packet of potential.

Are you sitting in your comfortable packet? Perhaps it’s time to break the seal on your next goal?

*feel free to message me any tips or advice on our new adventure, your support would mean the world.

Little girls with dreams…

How can this quote be from ‘Anon’ it’s too amazing to not have a owner, like a shiny new coat abandoned on the school peg the day before the school holidays.

Dreaming comes easy to me, as a child I remember thinking I could fly, certain that much like Toy Story my dolls sprang to life as soon as I closed the bedroom door and that one day I to would be become a mermaid. 

My imagination has been busy since forever, I knew I’d be a teacher – I decided when I was around four years old after lining my teddy bears in regimented order and taking complex registers with giant ticks and crayons. 

I knew I’d marry; if Barbie can, so can I. I knew I’d have children and live in a big house (now working on it being bigger and convincing the boys a pink plastic mansion is the way forward)…from experience it’s true, I am now a woman of vision. 

Vision occupies my day to day mind, I’m always looking for improvement in all I do, climbing the ladder of career (insanity?), growing whatmyfridgesays to a level of greatness (in my own perception and not statistics someone else thinks it’s ‘worthy’), raising my son in a way that hopefully means he is a happy and fruitful human…vision is working productively, enjoying all life has to offer, vision is seeing new cultures and finding better ways of completing simple tasks…vision is seeing what others can’t.

A great way to do this is using Pinterest, I have a secret board of my visions…the dream house, aspirational quotes (obviously), the perfect body and places I will one day visit. I enjoyed putting it together – like shopping for that perfect outfit without the financial burden. My next step is to print the images off and transfer it to a collage in a frame that can enhance my vision and bring it closer everyday. Why not do one yourself?

So to my female readers I ask you to clean your lenses this week and make time to think about the reality you want for tomorrow. To read to your children, that’s where imagination and vision begin, as tiny words in bright illustrated pages of wonder (this was something Einstein encouraged)…and watch out because #thisgirlcan 

Dream big x