Worry is a misuse of Imagination

 Quote by Dan Zandra.

I’m not very good at worrying? I get distracted, like a fly or a toddler…it’s not necessarily a bad thing, worry can cause a variety of medical conditions; heart complications, anxiety issues that can lead to depression, even a shorter life expectancy. I also never really understood what people got out of it? For example if you have a telephone bill that you can’t pay…worrying won’t pay the bill? I do have moments where I may worry, particularly when loved ones are ill but I never understood ‘worrying’ until last year when a yr 11 girl in my school asked me to help her with anxiety over her exams.

A little bit of digging made me realise that she used ‘worry’ as her form of fuel, she worried about everything in life and her neurotransmitters responded; it was even how she showed she cared. More importantly it’s how she released the power to push through life and achieve daily tasks. I thought that was pretty cool, so I made her embrace her worry and not become debilitated by it. It worked too, she aced her exams with the right mindset.

This links directly to the second part of this quote – imagination. Rather than worry think about doing something creative. Imagination is the gift we all have that sadly so many adults loose or forget. Mine is sometimes a little too extreme and if I were a balloon i’d float off into the sky. Luckily, I have Mr F to keep me grounded (he is the string in our relationship) for example when we were planning to upgrade our kitchen he suggests a practical solution that is cost effective and I suggest a kitchen made of Lego. (Seriously, next time you’re on Pinterest take a look at the Lego kitchens, you won’t be disappointed), we then compromise with a practical kitchen that has Lego for cupboard handles (please), okay well negotiations are on going…

I really do believe that imagination is the key to the soul, to success and to life. You have to believe it to receive it.  If you can’t imagine yourself doing something or think you aren’t worthy then you’re likely to miss opportunities and live with regrets.

If you are a natural worrier – harness that energy and use it to fuel your imagination, rather than the ‘what ifs’ life may or may not bring, enjoy the tomorrows and embraces the dreams of now, they can be your reality for tomorrow. You may be surprised at how much you can achieve.

Words are free, it’s how you use them that costs you.

Quote by Anon

I may have spoken about this before but Pen from The Single Swan mentioned in a comment the other day that she picks a word for the year ahead, bizarrely that day the bestie and I were on the phone and mentioned that our common word for 2018 was ‘accomplished ‘ (sounds so joyful on the tongue). As a woman who loves to set intentions I thought I’d select a word for 2019. As I began to think about what I wanted from the year and searched through my bag of goals, ideas and plans I very quickly decided on a word and it scared me to my core.


As I type the word I feel a sense of burden, fear and that perhaps I’m taking on a word that’s out of my reach. However, through this blog I have learnt that nothing changes unless you are willing to step out of your comfort zone. I also don’t need every moment of every day to be an achievement and with small adjustments as the months roll I can take steps that suit my pace. That said, some of the goals I will achieve will need me to step way beyond my area of comfort. Upon reflection it’s a word suitable for success and the challenge that comes with achieving. Take for example my first challenge…the puppy I rescued. She is a ball of chew and needles from her teeth to her sharp claws. She has no boundaries (we are trying to teach her them day by day, she is teaching us that rules are made to be chewed) and although she’s also a bundle of cuteness, I know training her will be a challenge but also an achievement.

Next, I will be moving this blog away from WordPress and to my own site…any tips totally welcome as http and widgets brings me out in a cold sweat of confusion and doubt. However, by taking the leap will mean I can add a new aspect to the site which I really want to do…details to follow once I’ve worked out the ifs, but’s and all the words that come with achieving this mission.

Other things I’d like to achieve will help me to love my home a little more. It’s a nice house but as I’m not a fan of the word ‘nice’ this speaks volumes about my feelings to the building we call home.

2019 will also be my daughters 10th anniversary. It blows my brain to think of all the things she could of liked and become. We don’t celebrate her birthday or death but I’d like to mark her decade with a gathering or event…again, any ideas welcome as this will be another emotional challenge to our journey to achieving a positive life without her on earth.

Join me through my challenges and achievements via this corner of the internet and why not pick your own word…if like the quote suggests we pay a price, let it be life changing for the better.

Happy New Year.

No one is you and that is your power 

Quote by Dave Grohl
You can’t say my choice of quotes isn’t diverse; we’ve gone from Greek mythology, 19th century writers, a splash of Dolly Parton (everyone needs a splash every now and then) the epic ‘Anon’ and now Nivanas Drummer / lead singer of the Foo Fighters – a bloke called Dave.

Dave is talented; not only within the making music movement, but he makes an awesome speech and inspiration is his fuel. It makes sense that ‘What my fridge says’ would want to absorb it.

Today we wandered  through Brighton and soaked up the sun – it’s a diverse pallete of people wearing conventional Marks and Sparks cardigans to free loving folk ozzing in fabric and clashing patterns, Punks, 1950’s inspired fashion and so much more. And I love it.

I love to see people not looking like clones, throwing out a little ‘I’m me’, I find it humbling in a world that’s media usually preaches what’s acceptable. That and the candy floss are some of my favourite aspects of Brighton. 

Perhaps you’re going to an interview soon and are worried about the competition – don’t just be you, that’s your secret power.

May be you’re not happy in your relationship; tell them why, work at it or leave – your voice can be your power.

In a world where they’re many leaders, it’s ok to be a follower, it’s ok to have hobbies and everyone has interests – these qualities make you magical.

You are magical

You are talented

You are the most important person in your world, not your children, not your partner or even the dog…because without you where would they be?

Be the best you and the world feels amazing. Happiness will flow from you and others will light up in your company…

Your super power is you. Empowered but confused how you unleash your true power? it all begins with the spoken word. Complement others, stand up for your rights and especially those whose voice is muted for whatever reason, keep talking and ‘you’ will see your power unleashed.

Thanks Dave for reminding us our most important lesson 🙂 and reminding us of our ultimate power.