Live, love and take pictures

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Okay, so I have an obsession for photography (admittedly with all the shadows and poor lighting in my blog posts you may not always realise this) and I also think it’s important to print and share your photos where possible – who wants them ‘saved’ in a computer? So when J turned up on the scene I documented his first year using fridge magnets for titles (saying week one etc) and turned it into a lovely little book celebrating his first year. I also turned our downstairs toilet into a heart shrine of ‘moments’ (see below)

 The app I use is Lalalab and I’ve been a fan for years. Mainly because I can download the photos straight from my phone to the app and with a little magic Lalalab post them through my door. They are retro and have a Polaroid inspiration but you can add words or pearls of wisdom for a modern twist (which I adore).

So when I had the opportunity to work with them on a fab photo book, I was in and the photo below sums up my reaction!

Note this is also me without makeup, Eek! Anyway, I decided to pay it forward and make the book for my lovely Mummy who I adore and always deserves a treat.

Below are the results…on a staircase with a fairy door / that’s how we roll in our house.

  The images were super glossy, clear and each page was a whole picture. Whilst the front cover (above ) was 9 pictures from the book that the app allowed me to assign. I opted for 26 photos in my book but you can add more and they do bigger bundles too, they really do make lovely gifts.
 I think the photos speak for themselves, how green does my grass look (below)  and she may kill me but (also below) on the left hand side is my amazing mummy or as J calls her ‘just Nanny’ 

The book was a lovely gift, that I passed on in the spirit it was given, but I use Lalalab all the time. Whether I’m updating the toilet or sending postcard photos to friends (my bestie melted when a picture postcard of J and her popped through the door unexpected – just because) with prices starting from 29p for photos there really isn’t much to complain about and you can do all the editing from the comfort of your armchair or wherever you and your mobile device happen to be!

The companies ethos is also pretty positive and every package I’ve ever received came with a little note of love (it’s the little things) , so maybe it’s time to stop reading blogs and get those wonderful memories off of your phone and up for all to see. Obviously come back to my blog once you’ve uploaded your images. 😜

*The photo book was PR but the awesome prints and my opinions were all my own.