To live would be an awfully big adventure 

Quote by J.M.Barrie or Peter Pan depending on your outlook.Wise words from a character who didn’t want to grow up.

Before writing this post I was blow drying my hair and thinking about what it would be like to wear Beyonce’s shoes for a day (like you do) and despite the travelling id be surprised if she has actually seen much of the world and perhaps more rehearsal studios and hotel suites than people may think. I wonder if she likes being Beyonce? Or sometimes wants to drink actual Lemonade and inhale carbohydrates like she’s an extra in ‘Bridget Jones diary’, to stay in one place long enough to get bored or to pop around Walmart without security and leave the media perceptions behind. Perhaps she has days where she wants to give up the fame and be a stay at home Mum – don’t all Parents do that on hectic days?

Then I thought that from the many blogs I’ve read many parents that stay at home also work, perhaps not full time – many write that they miss adult company and then I got deep…and posed a question to myself. If it was my last day on earth what would I look back on? What should I have done differently? Did I live a good adventure?

The answer was yes, even in comparison to Beyonce – sure I haven’t gone on world tour, sold a ridiculous number of albums, won Grammies and shaken my bootie to its full potential…my adventure isn’t meant to be that of a World class musician, ten seconds of ‘The wheels on the bus’ causes my sons to shout out “Mummy, no more” my singing voice puts terror into any innocent nursery rhyme – but I’m learning and evolving in so many other ways. Each day I’m working on how to be a better Mum, a top notch Teacher, to stay in a productive and exciting relationship – to not kill said relationship because I’m hormonal and he has left his shoes by the backdoor

*note to him: the shoe rack is clearly at the front of the house in the porch, please use it.

So as each day passes and you write your next chapter, don’t be like Peter Pan and hide from growing up, living the same story of fighting Hook every day. To face fears and wear super high heels is super fun, to pick Holiday locations and be in charge of the passports is empowering and to live to your capabilities and beyond is my perception of this quote. 

To confront anxieties in small bite size chunks is hugely empowering and ‘living your adventure’, to over come barriers, to not get caught in gossip or surround yourself by negative voices

  • If you aren’t sure how you could begin this journey, there is one simple step that many people have found useful….say yes more often.

Have an awesome week, stop comparing yourself to others (I’ll work on not comparing my life to Beyoncé) and live to reach your goals by saying yes and perhaps even excelling the odd capability or three as you go.