Kindness is my go to but fuck off is my wingman

Quote Anon

In all honesty, gratitude is my go to and kindness is second in line. The wonderful thing about kindness is it often doesn’t financially cost anything, it usually requires a pinch of thought and a dusting of time…but the results often stay with the person you’re kind to forever.

People remember the kind things you did for them, how you made them feel, long after you did them, they often pay them back ten fold and your karma points to joy increase! So why aren’t more humans kind? As I’m not generally a fan of humanity, I think we need to look to dogs to solve this answer. Our dog will snuggle, guard you and clean up your crumbs whenever you’re in need however she is also easily distracted and I think this is the same as humans. We often don’t think to open doors, make gestures of kindness, or even take time to make magical moments happen because we are caught up with our own struggles, time limitations and world.

The quote also refers to boundaries, to saying no and stepping back – for me this is the best side to serve with a heap of kindness. Clear boundaries will allow you to walk away, to not be walked over and to sustain your kindness for another day. People that are kind but lack the words ‘no’ in their vocabulary often feel the burdens of others and an empathetic overload that makes them ill.

January weather in the UK is bleak, grey and often wet…SO I’m launching #kindnessmatters as a hashtag on my instagram stories through the month of January. You can follow along @fridgesays or if you aren’t a social media dweller you can create your own ‘kindness matters’ without…who cares how we show up as long as we do. What do you need to do? BE KIND

Yup that’s is, nothing more and nothing less. Take time each day to do something kind and remember it doesn’t have to cost the earth or be time consuming. This morning as we went out to the car we all ran to one of our neighbours bins that had blown over after collections and wheeled them back to their owners back gates. kindness matters. They don’t necessarily know that we did it but that’s not the essence of kindness, the centre for kindness is in the doing, so let’s make January a little less bleak by showing compassion to others…also don’t forget you can’t pour kindness from an empty cup, so being kind to yourself totally counts.

The Saturday session #53

Its bonfire weekend in my village and I can not wait. This year we aren’t having friends and family over, instead we will be guests at a neighbours. I’m really looking forward to being the ‘visitor’ its my personal favourite, probably because I don’t have to rush the cleaning this weekend and then do it all over again when people leave. I love the procession, the anticipation and of course the fire works. We was also blessed with some pretty cute trick or treaters this week, so this townie chick may be embracing country life after all.

Hayley my cohost picks a featured blogger each week, but stick around to see who I selected. She’s a regular on the blog, who usually if not always joins us before we’ve even tweeted. She is a passionate mummy with many skills and in this post I discovered her children also have the gift of being bilingual. Spectrum Mum (Catie) discusses how to approach raising a multi talking house and also warns against the pitfalls. I never really mastered a linguist tongue at school and now regret the opportunity to embrace new cultures, in my defence my french teacher was terrifying and I got a B through fear, but the gift of a voice beyond the mother tongue isn’t something I can offer my little dude and so if I’m honest I read this post with envy. Like everything when it comes to raising little people Catie talks about the delicate balance needed, communication of rules, research and how to not overwhelm them…parenting is tough. However, Spectrum Mums post is awesome if you are able or thinking of jumping into a multitude of languages. Its well worth a read, her guidance as always is invaluable.

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