I like people who

 Quotes vary, but all are by Anon.

This is the kind of quote that creeps up on me and makes me smile.

Why? I guess because it’s true, both literally and as a methaphor. First, let’s go literal.

At university myself and a friend called Amy once hit the streets – in a thunder storm, we danced and played, we puddle jumped and we smiled. It was a simple pleasure that we relished and has always stayed with me. How empowering to see pure delight from a natural source that so many see as a negative. (Myself included when my hair is horrendous thanks to Mother Nature)

Which leads me nicely on to the deeper meaning. To always look at the negative from a smiling positive perspective. Or the ‘silver lining’ as my Nanny would say.

On Monday morning I went to work…it was dark when I rolled out of bed, and dark when I got in the car to drive to work (highlighted by my son saying ‘look mummy the moon’) and so I entered work a little sombre. I’m not very good at being negative, so I decided to make ‘the rain’ work for me. The solution was simple, thanks to my lunch.

 I drew a smiley face on my satsuma. It made me chuckle, and somehow this silly little trick shifted the clouds of my ‘rainfall’ to a warmer climate. I then actively looked for things that made me smile and as the day went on the sun shone – well for me anyway.
So literally or as a methaphor my advice is to enjoy those rainy days as even amongst the saddest of times there is always the shimmer and light that hope brings (and always draw faces on your fruit).

You are amazing

 Another cracker from Anon.

This is the kind of quote that makes my mind smile and my inner giggle cackle. It’s uplifting, it has meaning and it reminds me that I’m important too, and obviously so are you.

I was raised on a rather pretty pedestal called ‘only child’ and this has given me enough confidence to know I was loved, adored and important. It also means that in my immediate family’s eyes anything I did, participated in or created was recognised as ‘amazing’. I’m a big fan of being an only child for this very reason, but also for many other reasons. However, I obviously haven’t a clue of the positives that siblings have, and indeed have at times struggled to understand the bond of brother and sister. It’s a mystery that still at times mystifies me as an adult.

Today id like to share with you a conversation with a little (she’s so tiny) year 7 pupil. She is weak in ability and her resilience is non existent, her ability to wiggle off of her chair or be anywhere in the room except at her desk is beyond the talents of Olympic athletes – that isn’t helpful when you need her sat at her desk though…

In the last few lessons we have been (for this very reason) looking at resilience as a class and sharing good practice. This has resulted in some poster work that they are pretty proud of.

Tiny chick was part of a show case last week and as a result was asked to sing and produce some movement material that was shown to parents. Moments before the show began tiny chick cried – she hadn’t sung in front of an audience before and stage fright was taking over, more than this she said “if I don’t do it Miss, I won’t be able to write about it on my poster”, having an inner chuckle to myself I reminded her that she was indeed correct and that resilience was often hard in the beginning, she dried her eyes and of course sung her little heart out.

Today she wrote up her stage experience on her poster using vocabulary such as ‘proud’ ‘won a battle’ and I had a magical moment…as her teacher I was able to remind her that she was amazing. Her smile was the greatest reward I will ever need.

What a gift – to be able to remind somebody else how amazing they are. So this is my task for you, tell 5 people today that they are amazing. I promise you, its a wonderful blessing and one that makes you feel a little more sparkly too.

Oh and did I tell you…? You’re amazing 🙂