Storms don’t last forever 

Quote by Niels Geusebroek 

A new year is coming (fast)

Hope of a new year, resolutions and a fresh beginning are all something we need every now and then. 

Perhaps much like the celebrity and idol massacre of 2016 you haven’t enjoyed this year. For myself it’s been kind, but not a stand out year that I’ll always look back on…way better than 2015 though – that was dull. 

I always think that years are much like the weather system with a personal overview of hailstones or patchy clouds and bursts of sunlight. 

Storms can play a part. We have all had stormy events that hit our families, leaving devastation and carnage in their wake. You never know when a storm may hit either, I find that Mother Nature can hurl a tsunami at the most beautiful sunny beach without much warning…life can also come in waves of destruction when you least expect it. Much like the weather system a storm moves on and so do negative people, horrendous event and death. 

We live near a beautiful woods, there are still trees rotting from the storm of 1987 (a little tot at 5 years old I remember my Dad having to hold me down from ‘doing a’ Mary Poppins across my school playground) and it made me think…when an event much like a storm hits our lives, sure we move on (like the quote suggests) but we are richer for the experience, much like the soil under the trees destroyed by the storm, or we rot like the tree trunk – never to transform through the seasons or reach new heights.

The vast weather elements allow us to experience contrast, and I for one enjoy my sunny days of carefree blue skies that little more for knowing how wet shoes and damp hair (which in my case equals huge amounts of frizz) can feel. Like a tall tree that finds itself in a huddle on the Forest floor after the impact of a hurricane it wears its experience well, a new place to hide, or perhaps it supports moss and plant life…sure not the tall and elegant tree it once was, but like us it can still be beautiful after its experience – it’s simply a matter of perspective and growth.

With this in mind, I hope you have escaped any blustery winds in 2016 but should a storm hit you out of the blue in 2017 – emerge better, richer and fully in knowledge rather than allow the weather to consume you and of course love every glimpse of sun and joy you have the pleasure to experience. 

36 thoughts on “Storms don’t last forever 

  1. Such an inspirational post that I really needed to read at the moment. I hope that the sun will shine and the storm will pass quickly. I can see this experience has already given me a much clearer perspective but I’d like the sun to shine now… Thank you for linking up to #EatSleepBlogRT 🌟

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      1. Popping back to this post from #thesatsesh 2018 has been full of challenges and I will say I have struggled at times but we have also had moments of wonder and special family times as events have brought us all closer together. #thesatsesh


  2. You are absolutely right about storms coming from nowhere, with lasting effects and I love your use of the weather to convey how we may be feeling and things that can happen in our lives. ‘A matter of perspective and growth’ – I love this. Alison x #AnythingGoes

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  3. Thanks for this. While I can’t say my year has been rough, I have definitely been dealing with my own inner demons for a couple months and it has not been easy, I needed the reminder that it will be ok…#marvmondays

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  4. So eloquently written. I’ve had a pretty crazy 3 years so I’m really hoping that I get to slow down a bit in 2017 as I don’t think I can take any more craziness. Looking at my 2017 calender though, January is already looking pretty full so I’m not sure that it’s going to fare any better. I personally think that the whole new year thing is too hyped up. Nothing suddenly changes on the 1st of January. You still have all the same worries and uncertainties that you had on the 31st of December. I know I sound like a pessimist and I don’t mean to, it’s just that that’s the way it’s been for me since 2014. I am due to get some much needed answers in early January though, so who knows. Maybe things will start to go in the right direction from then on. A girl can certainly live in hope 😉


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  5. A fab post as always hun. This year has been one big storm for me but I’m certainly getting better at coping. When my first marriage ended, I was a mess for years but gradually I’ve become stronger, wiser and more resilient. I’m learning to be grateful for whatever I have and to look forward to the blue skies ahead…because they are always just around the corner if you believe. Have a gorgeous 2017. Tor xx #marvmondays

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  6. Wonderful analogy. I’ve been fortunate that 2018 has been a year with lots of sunshine and even a little rainbow that we welcomed earlier in the year.


  7. 2018 has been a good year for me, as I had my first baby, like learning to sail in choppy waters, so I’ve certainly learnt from it. I hope 2019 will be smooth sailing, but if there are storms I know it will improve my skills #thesatsesh


  8. Great perspectives! I could do without being reminded about 2016 though, it was an awful year in so many ways, and very nearly broke me. Got through that shit-storm somehow, but still have moments when I struggle because of all that was then. The two years since have been better, thankfully xx
    #thesatsesh (sorry for being very late with my commenting!)


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