Always kiss your dog good night  

 This is one of those quotes that you can get printed on anything from tea cups to pencils, because of this I can’t find who first said it? So, credit goes to ‘Anon’
This post is 100% dedicated to my four legged friend – Moët.

 At 5yrs old she now requires glasses, haha no I just love to accessorise and this is one of the reasons I adore her.

She will literally lay down at let me poke her, stroke her and paint her nails (it was only once and I’ve learnt my lesson…a yellow lab clashes with coral polish), we’ve had her since a pup and her story is rather ‘Jeremy Kyle’, her mum Sarah lived on a ranch…ok, it’s the UK so we say farm (but how cool did ranch sound!) she was a black lab, one day a yellow lab male looking for passion stumbled upon Sarah’s ranch….8 weeks later and 2 horrified owners later – Moët was born! (And about 9 others) I called her Moët as she was a combination of my favourite things – a cute puppy that was coloured champagne and my fav sparkle ‘Moët’

Id like to suggest that we became inseparable, alas the picture above lies…her heart belongs to Mr F, she is literally his dog and only has eyes for him. I joke (with serious thoughts in my head) that they were once lovers in a previous life, that and because when she was little they use to have secret naps on the sofa whilst I was at work.

I’m animal obsessed and if it wasn’t for Mr F our house would be a zoo. I’m a sucker for anything with a tail, big eyes or even a shell (I have snails too!) but he puts the breaks down most days. Moët has given us so much; she is beyond amazing with J – he climbs over her, tugs at her and she seems to know he’s a pup and tolerates it. They play together and roll around together…

 Thank you Moët for teaching us that you know best, that you know when it’s 7pm (dinner time) and that you are faithful, loyal and trustworthy (ssshh all those secrets I’ve told you)

And I love her so dearly for loving ‘our’ boy so dearly x

Sensory play #2 clean mud

When your mum is a teacher and your Nanny spent way too many years between reception and year 2, you can expect sensory play at the drop of a hat.

If I ever have to work late which means pick ups from Nursery become a hassle my parents step in and make everything look effortless. In the last few weeks of term this happened a couple of times.

On one of these occasions,  I went into my dinning room to find my mum grating a bar of soap (like you do) to make soap flakes for a play activity. This is especially good if like me you have a dirt loving child as it smells like a years worth of laundry. IMG_2520

What she did to make ‘clean mud’

  • Bar of soap (grated)
  • Toilet roll ripped up
  • Add water to desirable consistency ( more than you think, but not much)

Then squidgy it all together. Simple! J could definitely have got involved in the ripping of the toilet paper and who doesn’t love to squidge? Sensory delights and for a few pennies an occupied toddler.

 As you can see from above Mum ‘garnished’ J’s clean mud with some little Dinosaurs and I really think this is an outside activity, unless you are wishing your walls to look like the ceiling of the school toilets (ahh remember thoses day of paper churned up and stuck to the ceiling).

If I’m honest this didn’t really thrill J, but when he has his Grandad Tom on tap to play with, sensory play doesn’t always cut the mustard, or in this case the soap suds.

Give it ago and let me know how clean mud works out for you? There are lots of recipes on Pinterest and some even add food colouring, I quite liked the white effect? It’s snow like. J played with this for about a week, I just placed a carrier bag over the top and left it in the shed, the bonus was the shed smells like heaven!


Be filled with wonder…

  Quote by… Well I’m not sure? I’ve searched high and low and nobody seems to want to claim it, not even ‘Anon’
Whoever put those delicate and delightful words together had their karma in order and there zen in full flow. 

Being touched by peace is something I’m not sure I could ever have appreciated when I was younger, life moved to fast and frankly I was too busy to stop. 

To truly be at peace and not actually be asleep, meditation is the nearest I can get so far. I’m not very good at being quiet or slowing my whizzing mind down, so when I say meditate I mean ‘Fridge style made up meditation’. Basically, I lie on the bed, listen to a mediation app (binaural beats) and take 20mins to just ‘watch’ -I’m nowhere near any sort of  magician, but I do feel ‘reenergised ‘ and often find my brain feels a little calmer and more focused.

Wonder comes easily to my soul. I still hyperventilate when the cheese bubbles on top of the lasagne or often think…or in this case wonder about the world around us, like if we all went to one place in the world would the world wobble? Or, my current wonder – do our new fish watch TV? 

  I’m literally convinced that they do. Incidentally never let your toddler name a pet. The red one is called ‘lightning’, as in Lightning McQueen (heavily influenced by Daddy) and the other is called ‘Doggy’ and technically that’s Doggy 2…ssshh don’t tell him. 

When J first wakes he likes to lie in his cot chilling, he may say good morning to every object in his room or peek through the curtains and announce which neighbour has moved their car or comment on an Aeroplane flying overhead…but mainly he stares at the ceiling and he’s pretty peaceful. Toddlers have wonder down to a fine art; within 4 minutes of me popping ‘finding Nemo’ on he had asked serveral million questions (I also noticed through a two year olds eyes how tragic the start of that film is – dead babies, dead mums, kidnap and sharks) and I realised that by asking questions and finding out more about things we can indulge in our own wonder once again.

Why is it important to wonder? In my humble opinion, this little gem allows our souls to search that bit deeper and our brains to operate at amore enjoyable level.

Make August the month where you take in a little more peace and allow your mind to wonder. Stuck with how to start…give my bullet points below a go. 

Peaceful time

  • Light a candle (I have an addiction for these)
  • Read a book
  • Try a meditation app (I find just after I put my little soldier to bed is best)
  • Write a list of jobs ‘todo’ so that you can go to bed satisfied that you’ve completed the days objectives.


  • Living on the south coast – time out throwing stones in to the ocean (it’s the only good thing about pebble beaches)
  • Read a new genre of book that you wouldn’t normally choose
  • Take 2 minutes to lie on the grass and notice the world – clouds, ants…it’s all happening out there
  • Allow yourself to sound silly (I’m a natural at this)

Happy wondering…don’t get lost and come back soon 🙂