I followed my heart…

Quote by Bill Murray.

Let’s face it good things come from the fridge…vitamins from the fruit and veg, calcium from the yoghurt and milk…I personally keep my ketchup in there and love the stuff. Did someone mention fizz – part of my moral compass for sometime has always been to have a bottle of presecco or champers in the fridge too, you never know when you may need to toast an exciting moment with someone, or drown your sorrows.

Warning: this blog is likely to be slightly slushy

I guess I really want to have a conversation with my blog, so here goes.

Dear Fridge,

So we started off as you can read in my intro Opening the fridge door by simply a growing love of positive vibes, quotes and a pipe dream for a motivational blog. Nearly a year on in blog land and we have had a ball, learnt a lot and you’ve become the best hobby ever (although this is because I have the attention span of a gnat, so the very fact you are still rocking is a miracle).

We got over the techno widgets together and we’ve been selective on the linkys we use…for heavens sake, we even know what a linky is and how to use them.

We love the blogging community…mostly; some are a little aggressive, bossy and there is a culture that recently formed where writing about your kids in an insulting manner or generally highlighting the mummy fails is popular (we stay clear, mainly as it isn’t positive) a side note: this doesn’t mean I think I’m perfect or have daily parent fails – I do, I simply chose not to share them with the world).

I need to say a huge thank you, you’ve given me a creative outlet that I’ve been missing since life got serious. You are patient too, when I don’t feel like posting…I don’t, although I aim to 2-3 times a week, I know that the world won’t stop if I don’t write anything and sometimes ‘not writing’ can be just as satisfying.

You also record my voice, freedom of speech or in this case typing is important to me. (I’ll probably cringe when I look back at some of the things I’ve written / there is a reason most of my diaries have been destroyed)

img_3565You also make my actual fridge come alive, he is a big beast and somehow blogging softens him and in my eyes gives him a greater meaning to life, although he also keeps food cool, frozen and makes ice; you could say my fridge is a multi tasking cool wizard.

What I’m saying is…thank you, I love our adventures, the people we have met and the places that we travel (mainly in my imagination – but hey you facilitate this), so although it’s not quite a year I will open some fizz to this little internet haven in your honour.

Love Lucy