Watch more sunsets than Netflix

Quote Anon

This quote is sound advice and for that very reason this post is going to be small, as what I want to say is ‘get outside’. In the UK we have home schooling going for one more week and that means juggling screens and it also feels a little like we’ve been stuck inside for years.

However, on Thursday the sun came out to play and my entire soul lifted. The bulbs in the garden are coming out to dance and buds are popping like popcorn in a hot pan. Spring has given the UK and huge reason to smile.

Netflix is also awesome and we are a house that also spends time hugging our Disney plus access with gratitude daily BUT Mother Nature will always do it better. Lately, she’s been throwing out sunrises and sunsets that make Disney firework displays look like a £20 box from your local garden centre. She’s obviously extended her palette lately. She’s thrown some crimson, orange and hot pink swirls of delight in the mixture and my photographic friends are clicking both their fingers and their heels with joy.

My advice, for what it’s worth are to make time to rise and open the curtains or take a little stroll as the sun comes out to play, or if you’re more of a night owl then walks later in the day can feed the sunset hit. I love sitting with a cup of tea and the chiminea going for a double joy hit (and gets rid of a little garden waste along the way).

Today we discovered a new walk on our doorstep and as my son entered the start of the forest and looked up in awe, he questioned whether we’d found big foots home.

I knew what he meant, with that his imagination exploded and we were listening out for bears, fighting soldiers and walking an invisible Hippo called Sonar. I couldn’t help but think how stimulating our mini adventure was.

Don’t get me wrong ‘Netflix and chill’ will always have a place in my heart, but never at the expense of an awesome sunset.

Things I’m loving #6

February! Oh my thank heavens your are finally here, was it me or was that January pretty tough? Legends fell from Lemmy, Bowie, Rickman…and then in the last moments of January the heavens decided they needed a presenter and pinched Wogan 😦

I’m not a big fan of the sales so tend to give the January high street a miss…until I saw this gorgeous little gem below! It was in Next and priced at £4 I thought it would make amazing present (warning: if I buy you gifts this is likely to be what you receive for the next few months), I was super proud as my little man now knows the letter J, yes that’s right loving candle mummy used a candle to teach her son his letters. (Sigh as I lay back proud, my work is done) 

2. I love nature. I secretly love gardening and a fluffy cloud, sunset or sunrise is my kind of heaven. (I still screech high pitched when I see a rainbow). This was on my way to work, so lovely 🙂

3. I seem to be a breakfast fan, which given my teenage years was a Kit Kat and a glass of Ribena – I’ve come along way.

This is toast, real butter (it’s better for you and actually has taste, we buy organic grass fed), smoked salmon and poached eggs…so nom nom and was my Sunday brekkie whilst the boys played in the snow.

So farewell January you did have some glimmers of sparkle.

What are you loving and how is your NY resolution going?