If nothing ever changed…

Quote by Anon.

Change is something that humans very often don’t thrive from or at the very least hide from.

Adults usually deal with change better due to the level of control they have in decision making processes, children and change aren’t always great, and toddlers can be horrendous.

Our issues with change is ironic as it’s change that usually brings out the best in us…just like butterflies.

Change means we move forward, experience new things, progress and sample the ‘new’ but from the safety of our cocoon we allow negative thoughts to paralyse us…what if we don’t fly? What if our wings don’t work and more essentially what if we arent the beautiful butterfly we hoped we would be?

After some thought – I’d rather be an ugly butterfly or even sample life in flight for a few moments than spend my life in a dark and constant cocoon.

Is it time you spread your wings, conquered new challenges…or just leave the cocoon? Who knows you may end up with more than you ever dreamt of, you may just soar.