Exercise is therapy 

Quote unknown. 

Before you think I’m preaching in this post…I’m once again writing by the side of the pool whilst the boys swim – so I am no Lycra maniac or green kale chick addicted to spin classes and lifting weights that are…well, heavy. 

I use to like the odd aerobic class before my little dude was born and have always had membership to a gym or taken part in something, but in all honesty I prefer a swim and sauna than anything too strenuous. That said, I left that life behind after motherhood…I already work full time away from my boy and don’t wish to miss anymore of his moments due to my need to look slimmer on a beach and peddle in circles like a hamster caught in a wheel. 

Little dude is now four years old and in September 2016 I felt it was time to find some movement and motivation for me. Some me time and something that wasn’t for the working me, the mummy me, the family me but just me. This is when I found my therapy.

I couldn’t find a class that suited by timetable or didn’t interfere with family time so I have private 1-2-1 classes of yoga on a Sunday morning before the world wakes that suit my needs. It’s expensive but worth it. It is my therapy and I know this because when I can’t go or my instructor can’t attend – my world is a little dim, my Monday morning is a little more intense and I lose me in a world of demand and needs by others. 

Walking the dog is another one im partial too, especially as we can do this as a family. We have a Labrador and last night the sun was out so she even walked us to the local pub for a summer toast. What a thoughtful pooch. 

Exercise is a form of therapy, it makes you feel good and tighten your core. I find yoga keeps me free of health issues and allows me to challenge certain muscles to perform certain moves. However, I think you have to find the style that works for you, otherwise giving up is easy and as I said family time is precious to waste. 

I’d love to know how others find their therapy? Comment in the box about how you make exercise work for you… 

One day…

Quote unknown

When I grow up I want to be a Mermaid. I blame Ariel and Eric, oh and Sebastian the crab (lobster?) well you get the idea. 

I love swimming and brushing my hair, I have a great collection of both bikinis and shells…Unlike The Little Mermaid I’m thinking ‘down there where it’s wetter’ may be more ideal. (No innuendo intended) 

I do like to eat seafood which may mean I’m a little friendless but ultimately I feel I have both the skill and capacity for taking my new lifestyle to the next level. 

So one day I will be a Mermaid, what am I waiting for? Why delay? Well, I’m actually waiting for techno dudes to stop concentrating on fighting deadly virus’s and creating sustainer villages, iPhone 800’s and such to focus on building me a fin. Several years ago there was a craze to crochet mermaids tails, my mum said she would give it a go for me but I’m not sure a fabric that isn’t water proof is what I’m looking for in my attempt to be ‘Part of that World’ long term. 

If you think I’m being ridiculous then you’ve misunderstood the tone of my post, one day I will be a Mermaid. When I was four I decided I wanted to be a Teacher. I would line my dolls and teddies in lines and take the register for hours in preparation…an education and a degree later and I MADE IT. 

However, perhaps if this is ‘day one’ I really should think about some of the obstacles in my current life and try tackling them, after all we all need a plan. Plus you can’t always trust in technology taking its time, what if my fin arrives sooner than expected? Firstly, I wrinkle in water – Arial seemed wrinkless in the 90 minute animation, so perhaps I could increase my wrinkle cream rountine and take longer baths in preparation. (Tick)

Also, I’m not a fan of being cold – so family move to a hot climate with tropical sea conditions may be necessary. I’ve just asked Mr F about this and although keen on a warmer climate I feel he isn’t taking the move seriously, I could be wrong but the sentence construction he just used involved many blue words not found in the dictionary and ended with ‘are you still talking’.

Whilst I get him use to the global migration of our family I’ll tackle another issue – I’m not keen on getting my hair wet. Yes, I am that blonde in the pool who over stretches her neck and gives children evil glances for even thinking of splashing her with the liquid she is surrounded in. I’ve watched the Disney classic again and from what I can see in or out of the water Arial has the same insanely gorgeous hair, so perhaps this comes with the fin? Like a bolt on can for phone contracts… (half tick)

Still reading and thinking I’m insane…no more insane than you if you have a dream and today isn’t your ‘day one’, leave the ‘one days’ to Disney and make those dreams happen. 

Grow through what you go through 

Quote Unknown.

I didn’t write this post to share, it’s been sitting in my draft folder and it’s not exactly my usual style of glitter and sparkle.

I’ve had a few weeks off of the blog, mainly just balancing myself out and dealing with life. Blogging is fabulous, but it’s always an extra effort for me and being the CEO and cleaner means I take time off when I need it. I wrote this post for cathartic needs just before the UK celebrated Mother’s Day…enjoy x 

I feel sad. I don’t usually…I can’t work out why I feel like this and it’s been going on for more days than I wish to count. I thought it might be because I had a bit of a cold around me, but that can’t be true because despite being a tiny tot of 4ft11 my immune system is 7ft thanks to being at school for over thirty years. It’s half way through term so I thought it might be that, but the light of spring mornings means the weight of work isn’t so heavy…

And then it dawned on me.Mothers day. Since 2009 I’ve hated this day. I wasn’t a huge fan before; it’s fake much like valentines and all the other days the gift world, flower companies and card manufacturers like to celebrate by lining their pockets. This one is the worst, my least favourite. 

After my daughter died this day felt empty. My eyes opened to every person who has lost their Mum, been bought up without their Mum, adopted, split families, missing families because of living abroad, dysfunctional families – frankly just not being able to hug, kiss or buy an over priced card for her. I also realised that due to the inevitability of death, we all would experience this pain at some point. The day seems sour. For Dads I guess the same would go for Father’s Day…

I thought having my son would feel the Mother’s Day void – it doesn’t. It just reminds me of what I’ve missed. Today he came home with some seeds in a pot and a homemade card (thanks Nursery) and I realised I should of received one of these already by now, grief sapped the joy and left me holding a pot of soil. He will start school in September, Gracie should be eight by then, so I should be a school run Mum pro…but I’m not, I haven’t a clue and until much nearer the time I shall live in a state of denial. 

Greiving is endless and it never stops. It doesn’t get easier and nothing can replace, alter or change our situation. You do enter a club – it’s a special death club, entry is something nobody in the club signed up for and it comes with a life time membership card and not so much as a free pen. Your only positive is you are able to help or ease others who join the club after you, be it through illness or miscarriage…helping others and understanding is my only reward. 

Other reasons I hate Mother’s Day include the fact you can’t escape it. Adverts on TV, pubs will bill boards outside, supermarkets with dedicated isles…you can’t even go out for a meal to escape it – not even mothers with children can book tables on this day.

You can stay inside but then you feel like your hiding. I couldn’t even buy my own amazing Mum a card for several years after my daughter died – this was mainly due to being scared of entering the shop without needing years of therapy, or crying on a Saturday girl who had an orange line of foundation around her face and in my own sadness saying something about it umongst the tears and endless snot, not to mention the hideous hyperventilating breathing. So I didn’t buy the card and she understood and never questioned. This is what makes her the best Mum in the universe and this is why I celebrate Mother’s Day nearly everyday of the year by calling her and ending each call with ‘love you bye’… keep your over priced roses, your posh choccies and a Mug that says ‘Mum’ I’m going 80s Maureen Lipman style /BT adverts – just call her because you can, if you are blessed to be able to.

It’s up to you…

Quote by Anon.

The worst part of growing up for me is responsibility. It’s inevitable and it means you have to ‘own’ your actions. This seems easy enough but usually feels like hard work.

I remember walking out of hospital with my new born bundle and wondering why nobody was questioning me, where was the security, the paperwork? Seriously it’s harder work to go through airport security and I had more paperwork when I recently bought a new kettle. I got home and looked at his sleepy face and realised this was forever… ouch, that’s some serious responsibility. (I probably should of been more aware of this during the pregnancy but I’ve never been the sharpest tool in the box)

On Friday one of my chicks lost her shizzle…her words were something along the lines of ‘Being happy is hard work’ and I’d have to agree. I’m a half full glass kind of lady and I need to make something clear to all glasses, cups and China implements. On behalf of all cheerleaders, positive people, glass half full, over full and anything on the side of joy…we have days that suck too. However, I guess I’m a little quicker to pick myself up and much more resilient in looking at the world around me and finding some joy to grip to when the darker days hang over me. As a result I may be guilty of making positive vibes look easy…it’s not. It’s a decision I make multiple times a day. To see the silver linings and not look at them as grey. It’s all about perception and an internal battle to stay happy.

How? Instagram helps me to post physical photos and capture them in what I hope becomes an album of positive vibes. I sometimes then look through the photos on darker days and it instantly lifts my universe. Especially the selfies 🙂

This was my latest photo and you can follow me @fridgesays for lots more like it. This was even a #nofilterneeded , get me and my iPhone camera!

I do a similar thing on Pinterest, it’s like going shopping and collaborating lots of gorgeous items without the price tag, although one day it would be nice if a few of those lovely images jumped into my wardrobe.

I keep a gratitude journal that helps me to keep centred and I love reading it back to myself. I also keep a ‘get done’ book, where I list mainly household chores that need a magical wand over them and then I tick them off with love and sparkle.

But honestly, mostly I stay mindful and make a CHOICE to stay positive. To smile, to compliment others and to stay as sunny as I can be. Why do I bother? I guess mainly it’s my preferred natural state to be in but also I want to be upbeat for others to see, experience and be part of.

We live to experience. If I’m flat out on a tropical beach or popping items in my trolley at the supermarket, I’m always going to make a choice to experience the best it can offer – no matter the task at hand. I don’t win everyday, and certainly not every moment but the internal battle to keep my glass half full and even sneak a few extra drops is at the top of my ‘get done’ list everyday.

How do you stay positive during the day?

I’m nicer when I like my outfit 

Quote Anon.

Ouch, this quote is like the truth jumped out and smashed me in the face. It’s true, I’m a little shallow and I like nice things.

When I’m ill I do something odd; I wear my best pjs and indulge where I can; sleep in fresh linen, soak in a hot bath and depending on how poorly I am, I’ve been known to paint my nails or whack on a face pack because baggy jogging bottoms and old pjs make me feel worse.

For work I have the opportunity to wear ‘office clothing’ and I indulge in one awesome designer outfit every year. It’s meant I’ve now built up a wardrobe that makes me feel confident. Many people don’t like to spend money on work clothes but for me, this is where I spend most of my time, and it makes sense I want to be the best version of me most of the time. This of course doesn’t mean that the more expensive your clothing the better human you are…but for me, I am nicer when I like what I’m wearing.

The only thing I hate about this quote is the word ‘nice’ it really should stay on the side of a biscuit. So if I could I’d rewrite it to say ‘when I like my outfit I’m always kinder, more thoughtful and react to situations better’ I would.

Recently I went ‘out out’ with a friend for food, wine and gin, well a lot of gin. We are blessed to be neighbours, so on a Friday evening we left the hubbies with the kids and hit the big lights of…our village pubs. This meant the hassle of cabs or not driving was taken away and we could focus on being together. With great company you always have a good time, regardless of venue and actually we are blessed with some nice places to drink and eat in our tiny corner of the world. However, I wore a dress. It was a leather and fabric combo from Ted Baker and I added some killer heel ankle boots and my new leather (well pretend to be leather) jacket from Topshop for the occasion. I knew the rest of the pub would be wearing hoodies, jeans and there was even a man who was obviously a painter and decorator for a living who had come straight from work. I felt fabulous and didn’t really care about being over dressed – I was in the heavenly colour of black so felt I didn’t stand out like an Alsatian in a poodle palour, plus I rarely go out since being blessed with the little man and therefore felt it was necessary to enjoy getting ready.

Sometimes fashion is my armour to the world. People look at you and make judgements, sometimes I may hide behind a chunky scarf or may reveal all in a show stopper dress, these are my decisions and help me to tackle the world around me, I stopped caring what others thought of me in about 2001, so its more about my mental well being. If Ive got a busy day – a classic dress that makes me feel gorgeous is my go to, if its the first day back at school and I know I’m going to spend most of it wondering what my little dude is doing at Pre-school without me, then only a new pair of heels is going to get me through until pick up time.

Another aspect that I adore is throwing clothes out, in fact throwing anything out; even objects that aren’t mine, yes I really enjoying binning Mr F’s items. He rarely notices and Im just not sentimental. Going to an over flowing draw, tipping it out and chucking most of it in a donation bag literally makes me smile from ear to ear. I totally recommend this because its cheaper than therapy, makes you feel fantastic and the bonus is that others benefit from your yesterday jumpers, jeans or that bag that you bought when you were hungover and lacking judgement.

Clothing is a fantastic way to accessorise your identity, your mood or perhaps affirm who you would like to be. I rarely get my hair done these days, but a half head of highlights makes me feel cleaner (I think its the lack of dark roots) and more confident. I also live for a trim with a blunt line that makes my hair look loved. We all need pamper time. As regular reader will know Sunday nights for me are nails, face mask and luxury bubble bath in my house, should a glass of something fizzy join me then I sip it with delight. On a serious note, we all need time to pamper ourselves, we are worth it and need to step back from the hassle of life and if it sounds shallow then I make no apologies because I am nicer when I love my outfit, when I feel good and the triple bonus is that those around me spend time with a better version of me.

Whats your go to for a quick emotional pick me up?

As for my girls, I’ll raise them to think they can breathe fire 

Quote by Jessica Kirkland.

Sometimes I write a post in my sleep and wake up with an urge to get it typed up. This is one of those posts as this quote spoke to my soul.

I am a human, a member of a race that I’m mostly ashamed of. I choose not to be a feminist because categories breed further division and I don’t wish to be equal due to my vagina disability. I was born like it, apparently just under half the worlds population similarly suffer from it. It doesn’t hold me back and I do believe that it shouldn’t nor should it let anyone else, although I’m not naive to know that this is not the case for all women. I’m raising a son to respect humans, animals and the world around him – the world is crying out for loving. Gender is mostly irrelevant – if he wants to paint his nails, he can. I couldn’t give a crap about blue or pink toys and I’m happy to be the bread winner in my tribe, I’ve breast fed in public and I don’t need a trophy for this, however before I get truly ‘ranty’ this isn’t what I liked to discuss, ranting is too easy and negative.

For regular Fridge readers you’ll know that my first step into motherhood began with the birth of a baby girl. She was too precious for this earth and quickly fled for greater things. However, before she left we had some precious time together and she branded me a ‘Mummy’. I loved it and always will.

Before I knew I was pregnant, I went for a job at an all girls school. I got the job, then found out I was pregnant and had an awkward email to write which when something along the lines of ‘I’d love the job…by the way’ and I’ve been at the same school since 2009.

Part of my title is ‘Nurture Teacher'(seriously cool title) and it translates as many things but also allows me to help heal a lost teenage soul, who is going through a traumatic time or has been damaged due to life delivering them a hard hand earlier in life. This quote resonates with my 9-5 life. I see potential and sparkle in everyone of my girls. They are each unique and whether they are dealing with mental health issues, stuck in the system of being a looked after child or simply grieving for a loved one, we ride together through the pressures of academic attainment and the triumphant and tragic events that daily life brings.

It’s a privilege that they let me in when many doors to their very beings are closed. Like all members of staff, I have an ID tag and it states my name, job title and amongst it the word ‘Teacher’. I wear it with pride (and because Health and Safety dictate I have to) and ive realised that my classes often misunderstands the concept of a teacher – someone who will guide or do things for them, tell them or help them when times are tough. They miss the word ‘each’ hidden in the word, probably consumed by the towering T in front. To me, it means each one matters and each one has something to teach me about this crazy world. You see I would never have understood how rejection can consume, mental health can debilitate families and disorders that involve food – be it too little or too much can poison families to collapse…

But my girls can breathe fire. I remind them to turn each day around and I teach them all the things I will never have the honour of being able to teach my own daughter. To hold their heads high, to kick ass in academic challenges; especially GCSE’s which will open new doors for them beyond my classroom and watchful eye.

My girls can do anything they wish to dream, go anywhere they chose to fly – they are fierce but not because society has labelled them ‘female’, not because we are still battling for equality but because my 16 years old girls have already been through tragic events, overcome them and are better for it, otherwise whats the point if you don’t learn from the journey. The fire in them burns deep and I truly believe in all of them, each and everyone.

Sadly, some will be consumed by the fire and won’t make it out of the ashes, others will do okay and make do, which is perfectly fine with me – after all Im not present in their lives to dictate their destination. However, ever few years I get the privilege of working with a pupil who has so much potential it ignites my own fire. I know that however fragile they might be in this very moment with hard work and a clearer perspective, wonderful moments are just around the corner for them.

If you have the privilege or being a Mother to a child – no matter what colour, creed or gender – don’t let them ‘think’ they can breathe fire…show them how its done and tell them they already can.

Eating well is a form of self respect.

Quote unknown 

I’ve decided that we all have issues around food; some over eat, some under eat, some are fussy, some eat to comfort and others to reward, some are obsessed with counting the calories and others eat to forget reality…we are all in the food spectrum of crazy. 

I’m not that bothered about food if I’m honest BUT that doesn’t mean I don’t have weaknesses…crisps are my treat and delight, I can’t help it – I love them, to the point I don’t buy them because I will eat them ALL, seriously what’s the ‘share’ bag all about? 

However, I like this quote because it reminded me of things that I think are really important when it comes to nutrition…

 Your body is a temple: it’s true, it can’t easily be replaced and you deserve the best. Now we all have weaknesses and treats but try and make them the best quality you can afford. If you fancy a bit of chocolate rather than buy a cheap bar, most posh choccie often has a higher coco ratio which means you don’t have to eat so much. Plus, I always feel like it’s a bigger indulgence when it’s posh. Its usually richer too so you don’t need as much to satisfy you. Unless chocolate is your ‘crisps’ in which case, I wish you all the best. 

I often think what would the best of me pick? Then I have that. I don’t waste calories on things I don’t really like anymore either, I’ve never really liked raw tomatoes, so I have salads without them…this literally occurred to me several weeks a go, I realised I only have them on my plate because I thought I should. I’m also not into mushrooms and fry ups..I’d rather have a dippy egg and save my calories for a pizza later in the day 🙂

When eating out and about I always eat locally sourced, or eat what the place does best, for example in a steak house why would I want a pizza? On vacation in Barbados why would I want a Mexican dish? Eating native means I always find the chefs sprinkle a little more love into the recipes and it’s often cheaper. 

This quote should probably be on most of our fridges, it might help us to make better choices, surely our engines would run better with healthier options motoring us. I also think about my responsibility as a role model to my little dude, variety really is the spice of life and we all eat a huge variety and try new things together. I also don’t beat myself up about having a dessert or indulging every now and then. I don’t want him to see his Mummy counting calories and branding foods as ‘naughty’. So on that note, I’m off to eat a custard filled Doughnut as a Sunday delight just because. What’s your favourite food? 

Some days…

It’s true. I lack consistency. 

Some days I can arrive early, upbeat and organised beyond expectations. Other days I’m lucky to make it out of the front door without forgetting the essentials and brushing my hair is a luxuary.

How could I not use this quote; it’s got the word fridge in it. It literally jumped at me ninja style and curtsied with a wink. Plus, it read my mind. Lately I’ve been sharing gratitude on Instagram with the bloggers from #Grateful52 and in the next few weeks I plan to share a series of kindness acts, mainly because I want to be more actively kind myself. I think it’s important for the little dude to see his Mummy demonstrate these qualities. I guess this is the ‘amaze’ part of the quote. Many dislike Instagram and social media for its perceived ‘perfect lifestyles’ but I think perhaps we may have forgotten that we all have elements of joy to share. I truly love my job, my family and pizza, it would be wrong not to share this with the world (although I wouldn’t actually share pizza, that’s what BOGOF’s are for) plus I choose not to share the negative, it’s not something I wish to manifest in my world and it’s not a vibe I want my son to be over exposed to. The mass media, politics and society’s perception on diversity have this sorted. They ooze negativity and scarcity, however as always I believe in balance also. 

I have left my keys in the fridge. I’d like to blame pregnancy but I was 19 years old and at university so it was probably sleep deprivation, a poor diet and alcohols fault (they made me do it Mum). I haven’t ever dropped my keys down a drain, but I guess there is still time. I have been locked out twice in one week and made the locksmiths Christmas with new fancy locks and call out fees (he didn’t offer me a BOGOF). We are all (mostly) human and make mistakes, error of judgement and sometimes breed with complete and utter losers. We find ourselves in situations that should be on reality TV shows and we pull ourselves up from the ashes of doom. BUT I maintain that we don’t have to wallow in misery, although sometimes it’s nice to paddle for a short amount of time. 

Instead I’m with team amaze. Of course there will be days of haze but if we celebrate the joyful moments and push that out to the world surely that can only manifest more love…and right now we need more love and kindness in the world.

 Who will join me on my mission, how do you stay upbeat in this crazy world of ours? 

We are all broken 

It’s true, we all are. At times a little chipped and at others smashed with only hope and superglue to save us. 

Once you realise that you aren’t ‘mint in condition’ and more ‘wear and tear’ you can appreciate yourself more. Perhaps like an antique dealer looks over their goods, you should look in the mirror and see the advantages of age. My hair is highlighted which is far superior in appearance and condition to my teenage sun-in days. My wrinkles are forming through laughter and joy, with the help of time I fit my body far better than my twenties. I know it’s strengths and hide is weaknesses with accessories, frills and clever darts in the right fabrics. 

Normal is dull and actually, although I like sleek lines and Instagram homes, I really like the dents in my home, no seriously- my dinning room table has a few scuffs from usage. The famous fridge of magnet love also has a large dent on its right side from my sons head (which was also a lucky escape from a trip to AnE) and so it makes sense that our ‘flaws’ make us unique. 

As for the light seaping in, I think that’s a little deeper than our physical appearance. Our soul is our true light and when it meets someone it connects with – it instantly beams. Perhaps our flaws that keep us individual also allow us to maintain deeper relationships, not necessarily with a partner but friends and loved ones in general. My best friend doesn’t look like Taylor Swift, she is intelligent but no Einstein and when we sing together it makes me beam inside – but it won’t be winning us any BRIT awards and despite our in depth conversations, I’ve never heard a mention of a Nobel Peace Prize? However, she is perfect for me. I love her flaws and her attitude to life, I adore the way she finds a boost of assertiveness every so often and for the rest of the times is passive and puts herself to the back of the line, always at her own detriment. 

Look at your loved ones and love their flaws. Enjoy each others unique talents, ways and methods. Then look in the mirror and say ‘sure I’m broken, but look at the light that comes from within and now glows for those I chose to share it with’. That surely is what living is all about, right? May your days be full of light 🙂 

A grateful heart is a magnet for miracle’s

The fridge is a place for consistent quotes of inspiration, but every now and then we like to mix it up and today I’m writing thanks to the #rockingmotherhood nomination. Gratitude is something that I try to focus on and much like the quote above I truly believe it is a magnet for magic and miracles.

I was nominated by one of my favourite flowers and bloggers alike Peonie and me although the original idea began with Patricia at White Camellias (So many flowers) as she wanted to focus on the small but great things mother do right day after day.

The rules are pretty simple if you want to join in…

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you
  • List 10 things you believe make you a good mother (this is just a guideline, it can be more or less than 10 – it really doesn’t matter)
  • Tag 3-5 bloggers to join in the #RockingMother tag.
  • Grab the badge and add it to your post or sidebar
  • you can also tag @whitecamellias for her to have a read and she’ll even RT for you.

So here goes my magnet list…

  1. I love a label. Since becoming a Mummy with my daughter in 2009 and then her flying off to heaven (she was too precious for this earth) I loved being called Mummy. In fact today Nanny Bonkers popped around and J answered the door (he is 3 years old going on 35), he said “Hi Nanny, i’ll get Lucy for you” (cheeky chops), she corrected him and explained that he was the only little boy in the world that could call me Mummy…and my heart sang.
  2. Working full time. If I have to be away from that little munchkin for more than thirty seconds, its got to be worth while. Since returning to work when he was five and a half months I am career hungry and focused. However, to all parents full time, part time or stay at home we all work around the clock with a house to run, a little human to grow and ‘the career’ so I’m taking a moment to high five myself and salute us all.
  3. Manners don’t cost a thing. He is polite and I work hard to remind him of his pleases and thank you’s. We never leave Nursery, Preschool, family or friends without saying ‘thank you for having me’ and although we occasionally forget in the demands of a drink or snack – Im usually proud. A bonus when you have a teacher for a Mummy means he also tucks his chair under 🙂
  4. Ive never lost me. The hardest part about the label is that growing a demanding tiny human means that identities can get confused and at times lost forever. I am still me, I know myself and I am many things AND a Mummy – not just the later. I think this has served me and kept me sane (…ish)
  5. Coats and accessories. In the rush of the Nursery run, the stampede to the shops or just leaving the house a coat, hat, gloves and all sorts of accessories are usually necessary in the UK (especially in the Summer months). I have a long commute to work which J joins me on and I’m notoriously bad for not wearing a coat myself. HOWEVER I always make sure J has everything he needs, including snacks and back up snacks (I’m growing a human dustbin) as I freeze by his side.
  6. Open loving and kisses. I work with teenagers so I know the cuddles and kisses don’t last forever, Im completely indulging in his squidgy hugs and if like today he is on a playdate and I say I need a kiss, he will drop everything and top me up (usually with a second helping of snot). Im so thankful to be around him and J ‘doggy hugs’ are the best – I’ve no idea why he calls them this, but they make me feel amazing.
  7. Enough already. This may sound cliche but I have recently had to step up the No’s as he demands and pushes the boundaries for what he wants. At times this literally breaks my heart and I have an internal argument with myself – but I NEVER give in, backdown or compromise. I know that with the boundaries in place now he is less likely to grow up to be a complete dick but its a battle for me none the less.

so thats my glass half full and submerged in love…below are some Mums who I think are also rocking it with style and my nominations.

  1. Selena at My Rambling Thoughts (we have an IG gratitude party on Thursday that you need to check out. Join us @fridgesays
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  5. Lastly, Hayley from Sparkles and Stretchmarks who frankly has the best blog name EVER.