Be happy, it drives people crazy.


Despite the fact it’s still November consumerism seems to be taking hold of the nation/globe following Black Friday…the Friday sale that lasts a fortnight. Christmas chatter has taken over many blog posts and is the topic of conversation in our staffroom. Panic sweeps the nation. And I stay firm. I will not get swept into a frenzy on what I’m doing, got to do or who I haven’t bought for (the answer is nobody yet). There is plenty of time. However, I adore Christmas and refuse for it to become a burden. I stand firm in a smile. When asked how I feel about ‘all the catering’ I reply with a smile and say it’s an honour to have family to feed. I am not a saint but I know one thing to be true. Being happy really does drive other people  nuts. “Ohhh I don’t know how you can be so relaxed, I ordered the Turkey in June” hehe…yup and I was busy enjoying the start of summer.

It also means that for the people I dislike, hate and wish would disappear I increase my sparkle, smiles and graces – why? Because it pisses them off and reflects the stress and chaos back at them. I will not absorb negativity from them. It’s my super power and a skill that you should consider as a New Years resolution – forget weight loss, make 2018 the year you choose to be happy.

I choose happy because it makes me happy, it makes others happy and it’s contagious.

Christmas Day will come and go whether I stress or not. The dust will gather again from the moment I flick the duster, the bills will get paid and all those tasks on the ‘to do list’ will eventually be over taken with other tasks and thousands of other ‘to do lists’ but for now I am blissfully happy drinking a hot cup of tea after an intense yoga session, and for now and for always ‘I choose happy’ (and tea) (same thing)

Have you ever picked positivity as a power to piss others off?


23 thoughts on “Be happy, it drives people crazy.

  1. I always love the way you look at things! Positivity power is great. I wish I could call on it more. When someone is trying to pick an argument I often find this is the only way to win/get them to go away. No need to stoop to their level just be happy and watch them squirm! #thesatsesh


  2. Positivity is the way to go and I so agree with your thoughts on how to piss people off!! 😂👍🏼 To be serious though, being happy is th best way….it spreads and it is contagious. Thank you for the great post. #thesatsesh

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  3. This is so very true. And happens in motherhood all the time, my friends who are mothers complain to me and I counter it with positivity or tell them to take it easy and enjoy them while they’re small, its only for a little while. And I get a bizarre look in return or a response like “how can u be so calm”. #thesatsesh


  4. Hahah I love this! Why is it some people get so annoyed when you’re happy, what is that all about? I got seriously stressed about Christmas last year so this year I am just being much more relaxed about it all xx #thesatsesh


  5. Love this. I always leave everything to the last minute when it comes to Christmas and refuse to get stressed out about it. I see other members of the family who have to have everything perfectly organised months in advance and they still seem to be flapping on Christmas Day. What’s the point? For me it’s all about the kids, and as long as Santa brings them some presents they couldn’t care less about the perfect Christmas dinner etc.


    1. I’m totes with you on this. I’ve barely shopped and I’m doing xmas Eve brekkie for 6, Christmas dinner for 5, Boxing Day for 10 lol… last minute is exciting and I never stress x


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