You are the sunshine that makes my day

This quote, like many seems to be the work of the very busy Anon.

Regular readers will know I live in the UK; the biggest give aways are how I spell ‘Mum’ and my British need to write about the weather, use weather related similes and metaphors (when Disney is out of stock) and generally to cloud my writing with lightening bolts of weather related vocabulary…see what I did there πŸ™‚

Its therefore no shock that this quote caught my eye and caused a sunbeam to shine within me. I have written as have most other bloggers about my love for my blog and also how sometimes social media doesn’t always give you the entire truth. I have to say that it isn’t exactly truthful in my corner of the internet, as I choose not to share everything. The downside is this doesn’t give a 360 degree perspective. The fabulous side is I keep some privacy and don’t chose to share the negative. As a person who believes that you manifest what you are in alignment with and is 97% positive I don’t wish to ramble about the negatives of life on a regular basis.

When it comes to Instagram (please join me @fridgesays) I post a photo most days and recently have been posting things that make me happy. Sometimes its an object I’ve owned for years; like a glass snail I picked from my Grandads house after he past away. It now sits on our bedroom window sill and we actually coordinated the entire rooms colour scheme around it.

The recent political election was heavily influenced by young voters and social media. It’s a new way of expressing ourselves. I don’t believe everything I see, hear or read and I apply the same in the virtual world. I choose to follow yummy mummies who are ultra glam and who’s photos reflect things that make my Instagram feed light up like a rainbow, I use it to make myself laugh, feel good and often take inspiration from people’s feeds. Recently my friend @hilaryhobanphillips (seriously follow her, her feed and work is beautiful) introduced me to a crazy colourful feed from @1000wave – when I grow old I want to look as bright and bouncy as this diva! Just looking at her feed allows me to smile and causes sun beams to flow.

People around us can heavily impact our emotions, both sun beams and thunder storms are frequent in my house, but a quick swipe through Instagram often makes me feel better. I also often record little things my son has done, seen or said, this makes for a fabulous visual memory box of joy. Showing gratitude to those around me also makes me feel awesome and let’s not forget the mighty joy of Pinterest as we create boards of wonder. I don’t bake a cake without double tapping and there’s a board for any home improvement or crazy creative task! Yay πŸ™‚

Social media often gets a bad reputation and although I realise there is a dangerous, unconnected and sinister side to the internet, it’s also pretty amazing. So how do you use social media to enhance your sunny days? More importantly who’s IG feeds are your favourite?

*written sitting in the sun in my garden sipping a strawberry cider – win!


24 thoughts on “You are the sunshine that makes my day

  1. I love the idea of posting little things which make you happy, every day something should make you smile and this is a way of noticing it! #kcacols

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  2. I agree, we have to deal with all the crappy things all the time and social media is a bit of an escape. I share fun places I have been to on my blog, I could probably write about the depressing tales of living with teenagers but I like to keep certain things private and I don’t think they would appreciate it either! #kcacols


  3. I’ve really fallen out of love with Instagram lately, I hate the new algorithym and the perfectness it brings. BUT I love their editing facilities AND the live ability, much better than FB for me!
    Thanks for joining us at #TriumphantTales. I hope you “spring” back to us next week hahahahaha

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  4. I love looking at all the happy pictures people are posting at the moment of their families enjoying the good weather, makes me feel good.


  5. You did make me laugh with your point about how you spell ‘Mum’ and the Brit obsession with the weather! So many valuable points here – about privacy and what we choose to share and also about the positives of social media (as well as a nod to the negatives too)….. I came to IG late but LOVE it now. @topsyturvytribe has amazing pics of family life in Spain and @plutoniumsox has some gorg pics too….. I am rubbish at Pintrest so may need your help with it at some point – pretty please xx

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  6. There are is very little I won’t share, I’m very honest. But I will keep certain things about my wife off the blog. #kcacols


  7. Love this! So true! Instagram can be get a bad name for showing people a false idea of their lives and in turn making them feel bad about their own, but you’re right- it can also provide a lot of joy. Some lovely pictures to brighten up your day! It also helps me concentrate on capturing the best bits of mine, like my daughter playing in glitter and sequins the other day 😍 #thesatsesh if we haven’t connected on IG yet I’m 😊


  8. As with all Social Media, I am late to the party with Instagram but do really love seeing a snapshot into other people’s happy times. I’ll connect with yours today. Please pop by and see mine too if you have time @empty_nest_mummy #thesatsesh


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